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At Digital NRG we integrate fully with our clients to understand core business objectives allowing us to align our digital marketing strategies to support these objectives. We adapt constantly, learn continually and are always here to help. 

The DNRG Approach

Digital NRG believes in holistic campaigns. Holistic campaigns are used to prepare your online presence to present any future changes in search patterns and behaviour. 

Holistic campaigns are focused on creating meaningful and relevant connections between a brand and a user. The term refers to a marketing strategy that considers the business as a whole and all of the different marketing channels as a system rather than individually. Having these channels work together can increase strategy efficiency and provide further opportunities for growth.   

This process will fully optimise your website for higher relevance and user experience to targeted audiences. This means we strive towards driving not only high traffic volumes but precisely matching your target audiences’ intent with your site content. 

Transparency is key when it comes to reporting. Providing a transparent report is imperative as it helps our experts to show you the achievements, trends and any adjustments that are required to keep your campaign on track.

We believe & know this transparency will also build better client relationships as it allows both parties to receive the most up to date information and allow our clients to understand the process from start to finish. 

Our team will also provide you with data insights. Data helps us to measure exactly how your campaign is performing, report on ROAS & ensure that the key metrics you want to see are reported on. Data can guide which strategies and approaches are used to support a client’s business. A client will clearly be able to see how their campaign is growing with exact stats and figures to compare in the future. 

As a full service digital marketing agency, we can unlock your businesses potential through our effective strategies and hard work. We pursue relationships based on transparency, persistence, mutual trust and integrity with our employees, customers and business partners.

We are here to help

The DNRG Story

Only The Beginning
In 2015, Digital NRG was at the beginning of what would be an incredible journey. With an SEO team of 2, a handful of account managers and only a ‘shoebox’ sized office, it is here that our core services were forged, building out what Digital NRG is known for today.
2016 was a huge year for Digital NRG in regards to the growth and overall scope of the business. The accounts that were coming in were of a higher value, which ultimately meant it was time to expand the team even further. 
Productivity, Creativity & Collaboration
As the business grew even further, the agency developed internal teams across all sectors of the business, adding even more talented members to the team. We saw opportunities to grow and develop and in turn increase the number of clients choosing Digital NRG as their digital partner.

Due to the team’s growth, we also decided it was time to relocate to a larger, more productive and creative space for the team to collaborate and learn different skills from one another.

Further Growth
2018 was an incredible year for Digital NRG and the team, seeing both business growth and internal development.  We welcomed even more new SEO executives to the team whose skills helped to develop services further to help clients. We also welcomed more business development managers who worked with local businesses, helping to grow their businesses exponentially.
Gear Change
2019 saw us expand the Digital NRG team even further. New relationships were forged with international clients and propositions saw further development & refinement. This was the year we welcomed our biggest clients to date with KPIs across departments continuing to improve with a retention rate to be extremely proud of.
2020 was the year of adaptation and truly highlighted the amazing and committed people that we have working at Digital NRG. The teams all supported each other with Zoom calls and quizzes happening weekly to ensure all members of the team were supported. We also had much to celebrate in 2020; Our internal teams were runners up at both the UK Search Awards & UK Digital Growth Awards for a range of SEO, PPC and Paid Social awards.
The Rebrand
2020 gave DNRG the opportunity to reflect, evolve and adapt. 2021 was a time to act on these reflections. As we strive to become the leading UK agency, we needed our brand to reflect this. The redesign of our logo and our website were a key element of 2021’s rebrand, and we’re delighted with the results.

We’ve introduced a multitude of new products designed to complement our current digital solutions including RapidTalk, NRG Connect and CRO. We also announced a number of partnerships, most notably Swansea FC and Yext, which have propelled DNRG into the forefront of digital leadership. With a number of new faces, some fantastic new clients and a clear vision of where we are heading, 2022 is going to be a huge year for the DNRG team.


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