SEO and PPC for Local Taxi Company | Case Study


EuroTaxis are one of Bristol’s leading taxi companies with a long history of serving clients across Bristol and the South West since 1991. Based in Yate, they offer a wide range of vehicles including taxis, buses and coaches.


With a number of established taxi companies competing across the area, it has become an increasingly competitive landscape in which EuroTaxis operates. DNRG and Eurotaxis have been working closely to create effective SEO and PPC campaigns that would help Eurotaxis maintain their competitive advantage.


Our SEO team have been working with EuroTaxis to increase their organic website traffic and drive a higher volume of bookings. To ensure we were driving the right type of customer to their site it was clear that we would need to match the correct keywords with the right search intent.

Increasing traffic was the priority, alongside devising a strategy that would cover their full list of services whilst not spreading ourselves too thin.


With a competitive PPC landscape for Taxis within the Bristol area, it was key to ensure that the EuroTaxi PPC Account was generating conversions at a low Cost per Conversion to ensure the account remained competitive.

Over the previous year, our PPC team has been working with EuroTaxis to implement a PPC strategy that works around their business goals and ensures that PPC was generating conversions at the correct times.

Our priority for the PPC Channel has been lowering Cost Per Conversion to a more competitive level whilst generating a higher volume of conversions.



To begin with, we went back to basics, focusing on their core services and ensuring the on-page optimisation was where it needed to start building an effective SEO strategy.

Our SEO work covered all of EuroTaxis service page content, page titles, metas and internal links. We also implemented schema across the website, including FAQ schema.

This strategy then focused on building high-quality off-site links to the EuroTaxis website to increase the level of authority and trust in Google’s eyes.

This process ensured that the website ranks the correct pages for the relevant keywords and therefore improves the website’s click-through rate.


Working with EuroTaxi, we began restricting the budget during peak times for their main Taxi Campaign. During these times they already were at capacity so even though our PPC campaigns were driving leads, it was not resulting in final ROI for our client.

We realigned the run time on ads to focus on the quieter times, with a specific Ad Schedule set. Our objective was now to bring the cost per lead down during these quieter hours to generate more business for the budget.

Alongside the SEO team, optimisations were made to the landing page to help complement the campaign. We worked on supporting improvements to the landing page to drive up our quality scores and in turn, our click-through rates & conversion rates across the campaign.


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