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Multicare Mobility

Multicare Mobility is a leading UK provider of mobility equipment. They focus on providing a wide range of stairlifts and mobility scooters to clients and have over 35 years of experience in this sector.

Multicare Mobility Conversions Case Study


When Multicare Mobility came to us they were struggling to achieve the desired volume of leads and challenged us with achieving at least 20 business enquiries for stairlift installations and repairs per month. 

This campaign would be running through the height of the pandemic. Because we were very conscious that our end users were highly likely to be vulnerable and therefore wary of Covid related restrictions, we knew this was going to influence their decision making. We needed to ensure that our ad copy highlighted Multicare’s commitment to protecting their customers, which added an unusual dynamic to the campaign.


We first chose our audience, which needed to be more holistic rather than focusing on the direct end-user themselves. We needed to target anyone who may be involved in the purchase decision for a stairlift i.e. friends, families and carers. We decided to use Google’s Smart Bidding algorithm, as this would favour bidding and visibility to those more likely to convert. Whilst this would naturally favour the older generation it also wouldn’t exclude younger decision-makers. 

This was a truly holistic campaign. We first built a new website for the client and then built our campaign around this. Initially, we created a Google Shopping campaign as we knew this would be extremely useful at building reach and targeting top-funnel customers. We then built two further PPC campaigns focusing on buyers further down the funnel, who were looking at more specific terms such as ‘curved chairlifts’ or local terms such as ‘stairlifts in Manchester’.

A limitation we faced was addressing COVID-19 safety measures, without directly including that term in ad copy (otherwise ads would be disapproved by Google). We navigated this with inference to “strict safety policy” and “guaranteed safety with contact-free installation”.

Lastly, we ran a retargeting campaign. A stairlift is a considered investment with both monetary and emotional value assigned to it. For a lot of end-users, this is a change in lifestyle and could transform their lives at home. Our remarketing ensured that whilst we attracted volume at the start, we maintained interest and reinforced USP’s with our most in-market audience.


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