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Regal Autosport

Regal Autosport is a leading UK independent garage servicer based in Southampton, with a particular specialism in providing performance upgrades and tuning for German and other European cars.

Regal Autosport Case Study


Located within a very competitive market space, Regal were far outside the key traffic-driving positions for many of their services when they first approached us. Because the client offers servicing across such a wide range of car brands, it was important that this SEO campaign would be broad enough to push the entire site into traffic driving positions. 

It was clear that the site had seen very little SEO activity before we began, meaning that most of the rankings for our servicing offering needed to be addressed. Considering the competition from top-level service dealers, there was always the risk that even local search terms may be hard to achieve within a suitable time frame, so we knew this campaign would be a great challenge, something that we relish at DNRG.


The first step on the road to success was to highlight which brands had the most volume and to then match this with Regal’s own requirements. As a company that specialises in German cars, it made sense that this would be the most logical area to start with.

Having agreed on the target areas, we then proceeded to create optimised Meta Data to give an urgent initial boost to the search rankings. From here we began to create upscaled content and increase relevance by using associated keywords. These included focusing on terms that related to common model variants in the copy.

In recent months we have also adapted the landing pages on the website to ensure that they convert at a high rate. These changes included adding a contact form with pop up functionality to ensure that customers were drawn to this whilst reading through the new, longer-form web pages.


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Jack has over 6 years experience as a dedicated SEO specialist, and has worked at all levels from building links to running technical workshops and migrating websites.

At DNRG he has been responsible for larger scale SEO projects, but now manages the SEO team with the help of the Senior executive team who help produce the latest and greatest ideas for our market leading SEO propositio

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    Regal Autosport Case Study