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Swift Surfacing

Pairing a data-driven search engine optimisation strategy with ongoing collaboration with Swift Surfacing we were able to understand their key services and internal goals. The results, organic performance soared and the overall quality of queries reached new heights. In a matter of only 6 months, we secured page one rankings for 9 commercially focused keywords which transformed organic search into a valuable source of business throughout the pandemic.

Swift Surfacing Organic Phone Calls Case Study


With an ongoing investment in search engine optimisation, the story at the end of the month was always the same. The number of leads coming through each month were limited and the quality of the leads remained fairly low which made it practically impossible to work out what was converting into actual revenue for the company.

Within this sector, local search volumes remained low which led to multiple discussions around the direction of the campaign and where the company would focus on moving forward. The client offered a range of service and this created a vague strategy which was spread too thin across all of the service keywords.


It all started by taking the time to fully understand the business. Once we understood which services were most profitable and what the ideal client looked like. We went away and identified service-specific keywords which reflected a commercial intent. Now it was time to look at every aspect of the SEO both onsite and offsite to identify the best plan of action moving forward. A long term strategy was established and a date was put in the calendar to guide them through every that was going to be taken to transform the campaign.

The strategy for this account consisted of a complete refresh of all aspects of onsite SEO. We took the website and optimised all of the pages around the core local service keywords identified in the research stage. We knew that by ranking for the right keywords we would drive the high quality leads right into the client’s inbox.

Once this historic optimisation work was overhauled we implemented a search volume-driven content strategy to grow the website and ensure it was found for a range of informational search terms as well as service based ones. Behind the scenes, we were building the website’s authority ensuring that there was no keyword we couldn’t rank for.


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Kian Jonas

Kian Jonas

Senior SEO Executive

Kian Jonas is an extremely dedicated senior SEO executive who always puts his clients first. Constantly on the hunt for new techniques that help to grow organic performance, he has assisted the expansion of several local and national businesses.

From dominating the home improvement search result page to his latest involvement with the b2b sector, he takes the everyday challenges of being an executive within his stride. Above all Kian is a people person who loves to interact with like-minded clients.

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