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Work Here. Work There.

Work Here. Work There. is a London based company that focuses on enabling remote employees to work effortlessly from home. Their WFH solutions cover technology, office furniture and the general well-being of your staff.

Work Here Work There Case Study - Multi-Page Website Redesign


The client, Work Here. Work There, initially came to us looking for a professional-looking website that could effectively showcase and communicate their services, giving basic information to the user in a simple and functional manner.

Having previously had just a singular page website, we were challenged to create a multi-page website that had a clean yet aesthetically pleasing design. The client requested a number of dynamic elements and animations that would engage and entertain the target user.

page by page solution.


The homepage needed to be a simple yet functional gateway that encourages the user to access the main areas of WHWT’s business. We stripped everything away, focusing on a low-weight video that creates visual engagement, whilst also providing a clean space for the four gateways into the site.

Hero Images

For a spin on the usual block or full-width hero images, we used image masks and the WHWT logo icon to display a more interesting visual aspect, while still using the image to visually portray the page topic.

Internal Linking

To help navigate the four sections, we added dynamic menus that link to other pages in the same section of the site. These options slide into view as you scroll down the page, bringing them to the user’s attention as required.

“Did you know?”

WHWT asked us to add a section on each page to display a small section of information. This information is set to randomise on each page load, letting users read about other parts of the services they offer. Instead of adding this to the flow of the content, we opted to have it slide in from the side as a tab that can be shrunk down by the user. This adds another attractive visual element to the page and helps increase the activity of the user.

Get In Touch 

The brand colours of WHWT were the key inspiration here. We wanted to use the darkness of the blue whilst at the same time, giving a “glowing” effect using the green. This is accompanied by an animated vector image signifying communication which, combined with this pop-up element, gives a very pleasing visual. This focuses the user’s attention on the contact form and detracts from the rest of the page.

Ease of use

The final challenge was to ensure that the design of the website meant it was simple for the team at WHWT to add future updates and separate pages themselves whilst not altering the functionality of the design. 

To do this we opted for partial-page templates. This way the staff at WHWT could add a new page, fill in the necessary sections that are used for the template and just concentrate on the main body of content.


By bringing together all of these different elements our web team has managed to craft an aesthetically stunning website that draws the user in whilst allowing them to quickly navigate to the relevant page.

The client was extremely impressed by the result of the website, highlighting how the new site was ‘immeasurably more in line with our brand and company value and style’, which is fantastic for us to hear.

‘DNRG gave us confidence from the very start of our journey with them. They sat down with us to fully embrace and immerse themselves with everything Work Here, Work There. From our company values, branding, goals and the expected user experience, all of which were carefully considered and fully understood before moving forward with any designs. The design and implementation stages brought the same level of service, meaning we were able to amend even the tiniest, most intricate parts of the design along with some bespoke requests. Very happy with the final outcome of the process and the site is now definitely now in-line with our brand.’ – James Moir | WHWT Director

If your website also needs a revamp then get in touch with our web team and we would be happy to talk you through your options. You can also head over to our web design page to check out some of the other websites we’ve completed recently.

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Paul Riley Work Here Work There

Paul Riley

Technical Director

Paul is the Technical Director for DNRG and oversees the technical needs and processes to ensure everything is in place and runs smoothly for the team and clients.

Paul also acts as a Senior Developer in the web team getting involved in both building and aiding others with custom development to add functionality. He has been designing, building and maintaining websites for over 11 years. During which he has grown his skillset to include various frontend and backend languages such as PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, and React.

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