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Our team services a diverse global portfolio to increase sales and conversion rates. Here is a small selection of the clients that we represent on a daily basis.

No business can exist without its loyal customer base and this is why, here at Digital NRG, our entire proposition is centered around you, the client. Once the barriers are down, most initial meetings end up with a business owner or marketing manager holding their hands up and expressing that actually they "don't really get the digital marketing space". Well why would you? Its not theory or traditional four P's of price, product, place and promotion and make up a digital strategy. The rules are constantly changing, consumers needs and habits also continue to change and what was required or 'cool' last year is old hat or black hat..!

There is one common trend with all of Digital NRG's clients and us the agency, TRUST. Be it a personal or professional relationship, if you do not have trust then it is simply not going to work. Invite us to your premises to discuss your requirements, open up, share your goals/obstacles, problems and opportunities and trust us that we will listen with intent and create a digital strategy that is right for you.

Not sell you a rate carded product, not sell to targets or the easiest solution but provide a thorough solution that is tailored to your needs. Our customer retention levels are currently 97%, which we are exceptionally proud of. Many of our clients have now outsourced all of the marketing requirements to us which in turn gives us the ability to take full ownership and create highly complex and sophisticated marketing strategies that deliver proven results.

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