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Digital Marketing Jobs in Bristol at Digital NRG

We don’t like to boast, but in 2017 and 2018 we were Google’s fastest growing digital marketing agency. As well as being the best, we are also the largest independent digital marketing agency in Bristol and probably the UK. Our reputation for delivering results for our clients and “word of mouth” referrals we get from our customers, mean we take on lots of new customers each month. Hence, we are nearly always looking for dedicated, knowledgeable, customer focused and experienced digital marketing team members.
We have local Account Managers throughout the UK and from our offices in Bristol, we manage the SEO, PPC and Social Media for customers in every corner of the United Kingdom, USA and UAE.


If you are looking for a job in digital marketing and are local to Bristol or the South West, then please read on.

Digital Marketing Jobs – SEO Executive

We have a fantastic track record of getting our customers found on the first page of Google. Our SEO services target the keywords that our clients’ potential customers would use when looking to buy services or products. The SEO team have a saying “rankings are vanity, leads are sanity”. If you believe you have a passion for optimising websites so they not only rank on the first page of Google but will deliver leads and sales to our clients, then you may be the SEO Executive we are looking for.
Ideally, you would have over 12-months experience in optimising clients websites and a have a proven track record of gaining great rankings for “buying keywords”. Able to work independently with a client to identify and capitalise on opportunities that will increase the number of leads the client receives, as well as being a team player within the SEO department.
To apply for the SEO Executive role please send your details.

Digital Marketing Jobs – SEO Apprentice

We make and mould our own SEO experts! We combine on-the-job training with classroom learning to give our Apprentices the foundation knowledge and first-hand experience to develop their SEO skills and become optimisation experts.
Of course, you will not have experience of digital marketing that is why you are applying for an apprenticeship, however, ideally, you will be able to show a keen interest in digital marketing. Perhaps you have created your own online website or blog. Perhaps you manage a website for a charity or voluntary organisation. Keeping up with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter doesn’t count.
To apply for the SEO Apprentice role please send your details.

Digital Marketing Jobs – PPC Executive

So, you know your PPC from your CPC. With over 500 Google Adword clients, with an advertising budget of between £1,000 a month to £250,000 a month, we know a thing or two about delivering our clients a fantastic ‘return on investment’ with Pay Per Click advertising. Ideally, you will have 18-months experience in creating and managing PPC campaigns for clients. Before we take on a new client we always confirm that we can add value to their business. So, you will be able to demonstrate the ability to review current campaign, find where the budget is being wasted, find opportunities for the client to get low-cost leads and be able to explain all of this to a potential client in a jargon-free way. Once the client is on board, you will manage and continue to refine the campaigns until they are dominating the keywords that are delivering high conversion rates, for a low-cost, and maximising impression share to knock their competition off the page.
To apply for the PPC Executive role please send your details.

Digital Marketing Jobs – Web Developers

Whether you are a “full stack” or a “front-end” web developer we have a role for you. Ideally, you will have evidence of websites that are eye-catching and reflect the business they were built for. However, the websites we build for clients go further than that. We not only build beautiful sites, we build websites that convert visitors into paying customers. We build predominantly on WordPress but also have customers with websites on Magento, Joomla, bespoke CMS and hand-coded HTML and PHP that require ongoing development. You will also be able to show experience of building high-quality websites in a short space of time. We don’t spend months discussing “mood boards” or how a website “feels” – within a week or two we build great looking websites, with a fantastic user experience and incorporate the strategies that generate leads for our clients.
To apply for the Web Developers role please send your details.

Digital Marketing Jobs – Sales & Account Managers

As the best digital marketing agency in the UK, we need the best client Account Managers who can work with clients to maximise on opportunities and implement the best lead generating services and products for their budget. Ideally, you will have 18-months experience in offering lead generation solutions such as PPC, SEO, social media marketing and reputation management. You will be proactive in identifying services and products that will generate leads for your client and present it to them in a simple to understand way.
We are not looking for sales people who just sell products or services. You will be the main point of contact for your clients and keep in regular contact with them. Your ongoing relationship with the customer will form the basis of your remuneration package.
You will be able to demonstrate you have experience in finding your own clients, or perhaps have a database of existing clients, but also a proven track record in converting “word of mouth” referrals into customers.
If you have a portfolio of clients that may wish to transfer to a digital marketing agency that delivers leads, then your location is not important. If you will be looking to bring in new clients to the agency then a location in the South West, South East or Midlands would be preferable, so we can give you the best support.
To apply for the Account Manager role please send your details.

About Digital NRG

digital marketing jobs BristolFrom our head office in Bradley Stoke, Bristol, supported by locally based Account Managers, we completely manage the digital marketing and lead generation for 100’s of clients across the UK, USA and UAE. Although individuals and teams work independently, the huge pace of growth we have experienced over the last 3-years has come from a culture of teamwork across departments – always putting the client and their needs at the heart of every discussion and action.
Digital NRG is a great place to work. Modern offices, the latest equipment and industry-leading software and tools.  Yes, we have a games room and comfy work areas for team members to use – however, this is an agency that gets things done. We don’t have the luxury of time to sit on beanbags and discuss what is trending on Twitter, our clients expect us to be working hard to deliver their enquiries and leads. Our clients also expect us to be ahead of any trends and understand the latest tools, and so a large part of your life at Digital NRG will be developing yourself and undergoing official training from Google on current and future solutions.
At Digital NRG we have two sayings we adhere to.
Firstly, “Perfection is impossible, so strive for excellence”. We are looking for people that deliver excellence in everything they do. Excellent customer service, so clients are well informed. Excellence in our work practices so tasks are completed 100% accurately, 99% is not acceptable. Above all else, excellence in delivering results. We have a 97% retention rate of our customer base. The odd customer who goes elsewhere soon return to us and this testament to the service, professionalism and results our team members achieve for them.
Secondly, “solutions, not problems” – our clients are busy running their businesses and looking after their customers. They don’t have time to work through issues or problems, that is what they pay us for. The client’s marketplace may change or their competitors may react to a loss in leads. We need people that find solutions, not just raise problems.- part of our job is to identify these changes and react to them, so we can make the most of the opportunity for our clients.