Increase Conversions and Drive More Leads with Digital NRG Reviews & Ratings

In the past, capturing Google Certified Reviews that reflect the true nature of business has been difficult. 

With Digital NRG Reviews & Ratings, there are now more ways in which you can collect valuable customer reviews that are all Google Certified.

We've teamed up with Google Certified review experts, providing you with more ways in which you can collect and control reviews for your business. 

Getting started is simple.

You can now collect customer reviews via email, SMS and mobile tablet - ensuring all reviews you receive are from genuine, honest, and happy customers!

The Reviews "Why"

Reviews are hugely important for your business reputation, the perception of your services and the likelihood of selling a product. People want to read reviews before committing to a purchase, want to read other customer's experiences of dealing with your business and be assured they are choosing the correct company. Amazon, are the worlds largest retailer and they have built their business around customer reviews.

The Reviews "Why Not"

The problem with opening up your company, services or products to reviews is two-fold.

Firstly, you need to make it extremely easy for the customer to leave a review. Google reviews require the customer to have a Google account and login details. Then they have to find your business information and can start to write the review. Many more people have a Facebook account and are able to leave a review, but they have to be directed to your business page in order to do so. Unless you have the tools to capture a lead at the time you are with the customer - the moment is lost.

Secondly, opening your business up to review platforms such as Google and Facebook allows ANYONE to leave a review about your business. Competitors, disgruntled employees or general members of the public that have never been customers. Getting an unfair review removed is almost impossible - and a permanent stain on your business.

The Reviews "Way Forward"

 "Digital NRG Reviews & Ratings" tools and software allows you to simply and easily gain reviews from genuine customers. 

If you are in contact with your customers either at the point of sale or when goods are delivered, we supply a tablet that allows your customer to leave a 5-star review by simply pressing a few buttons. They don't need to login or remember any passwords. Their review and rating is then uploaded through the "Ekomi" platform to the internet. These reviews can be automatically added to your website, added to the Google search results information panel and used within your Adwords advertising (subject to a minimum number of reviews). Data has shown that these "star ratings" can increase the conversion of advertising by 17%.

As the review is captured only through customers you invite to leave a rating - you capture only genuine customer reviews, capture them at the perfect moment and without any "leg work" for the customer. Leading to high ratings and high capture rate.

For those who are not with the customer at "POS' we offer online solutions that are equally simple, straight forward and accessible for genuine customers only. One such solution is offering a "pop up" on your website on pages that only a customer could get to, such as a "confirmation of order" or "thank you" page.

Alternatively, we offer a service to email customers to request a review.


Collecting reviews takes three simple steps:

 Collect customer
contact details

Send review invites
to customers

Reviews are verified
and published


  1. Ask customers to leave a review at PoS
  2. Customer submits a review on the tablet
  3. Reviews are sent to the eKomi servers
  4. Verified reviews published within 48hrs

Secure internet connection required to collect reviews


  1. Pop-up script added to your website
  2. Customer completes a purchase or form
  3. Customer is asked to review via pop-up

Why eKomi?

Google Certified review platform

Multi-platform review system

User-friendly feedback system

Invite-only reviews

Daily indexing by Google

Protected against malicious reviews

What's in it for you?

Seller Ratings show on Google Ads

Increased conversion rates (+17%)*

More successful ad performance

Increased website traffic

Supports your SEO Campaigns

*Google Ad Words Blogspot