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Marketing your products and services by email can be a fast, flexible and cost effective way of reaching new customers and retaining existing customers. Email marketing allows you to create personalised and targeted messages which can help you to build meaningful relationships with your customers. People from all demographics are used to using email, making it ideal for marketing campaigns. Email is used virtually everywhere and it is estimated that there are nearly 4 billion email users with most of us averaging 4 hours per day in our inbox!

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Tailored Email Platform Approach

If you are already using a platform that you enjoy using, this is absolutely fine, we have found that clients like to stick to what they know, which is perfectly fine as we cover them all. Whether it’s Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, AWeber, Dot Digital, or any of the rest we are more than happy to help and get your email marketing campaign up and running.

Email Automation

Automated email campaigns save a lot of time and mean that you can send emails to customers and leads based on how they interact with your business! For example, a past purchaser comes back to your website, adds products to their carts and then leaves, without purchasing. You can automatically send them an email reminder for items in their basket at any optimised time of day when you know they’re in a position to buy. Get your email marketing in line with when your customers are at their hottest to buy, leave no purchase or enquiry to chance & be there in those moments.


Database Segmentation

Database segmentation is best for clients with a wide and diverse product/service offering. If you have a lot of products/services which cater to a range of needs for different pockets of target audiences, then database segmentation should be front and centre of your email marketing strategy.

Database segmentation will reduce your unsubscription rates and increase click-through rates by only offering only products and services to the customers that will be interested in them. This will also allow for customer loyalty too as you will have the client’s best interest at heart.

Engaging Content

Creating engaging content is a lot easier said than done but without it your unsubscription rate will creep up on you. Writing engaging content can be time-consuming and is usually pushed to the bottom of the pile, so why not let us take the task from your to-do list? We have a team of professionals on hand to create engaging campaigns that will keep your readers interested and informed on any changes within the company such as sales, events or new products/services.



Unique Designs

Invigorate your email templates for high impact on opening to drive up that click-through rate with unique designs. We have all been victims of mailers with tired designs that we don’t engage with once opened. At Digital NRG, our in-house design department will invigorate your impact and be aesthetically engaging for your clients. An inbox is a competitive place to advertise, so make sure you take the lead and give no opportunity for users to delete or unsubscribe.

Getting Past Spam Filters

Spam filters are getting more and more intelligent every day, which is why we make sure your email marketing campaign is too. Getting past spam filters requires attention to detail, from the email address the mailers are sent from to knowing what keywords to filter out, our team of experts can help make sure all of the best practices are in play to reach your customers.

As email marketing becomes more prevalent, the intelligence of email servers has improved. Long gone are the days of sending out mailers in the knowledge that they land in a user’s direct inbox. Through AB testing of subject lines & creativity, we can find the fit for you that gives the best delivery & open rates for your email marketing.

GDPR Compliant

If the regulations behind using customer data confide you, we can help. Long gone are the days of buying databases. How you acquire your customer data, and how you then interact with those customers needs to follow alongside GDPR Compliance Regulations. We make sure that your processes are watertight including any web work that needs to be deployed. Setting up automated double opt-in subscriptions is something every business should have in play and this is something we can help you with.

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