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5 Handy Tools to Help Support Your Marketing Activity

Five handy tools to help support your marketing activity

At DNRG we like to take advantage of every useful marketing tool there is. Many people think that any form of marketing comes at a high cost, but this isn’t always the case. There’s a wide range of applications available for free (or at a reasonable price) that are perfect for any business beginning its journey and looking for a bit of help along the way.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 fantastic tools all marketers can benefit from.


Canva is a fantastic tool for anyone involved in the design side of marketing. Our DNRG team members use Canva multiple times per day. It’s perfect for any design work, including the creation of social media posts, adverts, brochures and newsletters. It also has a great feature for editing creative videos.

You can get a free Canva membership which gives you access to the majority of tools that you will need, or you can pay £99.99 per year to access the full range of features such as the image background remover.

Google Analytics

If you have a website and you’re not using Google Analytics then go and set it up! Google Analytics is a brilliant piece of free software that gives you access to vital customer data and reports on all website interactions. Once you’ve set up your account, you can easily set up tracking by installing a tracking code on your website. Here is a simple video to help you with this process: How to Set Up Google Analytics – Tutorial for Beginners.

Once it’s set up you can use Google Analytics’ intuitive dashboard to access a multitude of data. You answer questions such as which channels customers are coming through to your website from, which pages on your site they are visiting, and how long they stay. Our specialists can also perform a full DNRG Analytics audit, which will produce a detailed report that serves as a foundation for a targeted and data-driven marketing strategy. Book your audit here.


Whilst original imagery is still king, there are many times when you’ll find yourself searching for the perfect stock image for your website or blog post. Pixabay is a great place to turn. It has a great range of 2 million+ images, so you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. These images are generally high quality and you don’t need to worry about copyright infringement which is always a plus. 

The best bit about Pixabay is that it’s free, however, if you want to take this to the next level you may also want to consider Shutterstock, which has 300 million+ images but will require you to pay a monthly subscription.


Another common tool that we use here at DNRG is Bitly. Bitly is used to shorten URL links, which is particularly useful when you’re posting them on your socials and it makes them appear much neater. You can also customise these URL links to suit the page it’s directing you to. You may well have clicked through a Bitly link to reach this article!

By using Bitly you can also track any traffic that’s arriving through that link. For example, if you were to promote an event via social media, you could use a Bitly link to the event landing page which would then tell you how many people had clicked through to your event via that link. This makes it highly effective for tracking organic social campaigns. 


Our final tool is not one that we use ourselves (because we have our own web design specialists), but Wix ADI is a website building platform that offers great functionality for businesses that are just starting out and perhaps don’t yet have the budget for a fully customisable site.

Using Wix’s new ADI (artificial design intelligence) software means there is much less work for you to do, as it will design the website for you depending on what sort of website you’re looking for (e.g. blog, eCommerce etc.). You can enter details such as your business name, location, social pages and ADI will automatically pull your information into a template. It’s an extremely easy and intuitive way to set up a new website.

For companies further along the cycle and for more complex websites we would recommend having a professionally built website, as WIX ADI is fairly limited in how far you can take your website and the features you can integrate. Speak to our web team if you’re looking for a high quality yet affordable website.



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