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Servicing, MOT and Repairs Online Booking System – My Digital Garage

Running a busy garage has enough challenges without the stress of worrying where the next new customer is coming from or how to get all the ramps up to 100% usage. “My Digital Garage” is the best online booking system for garages and dealerships that take the customer from searching online to booking their vehicle into your garage. A simple, yet complete, booking system that is backed by world-leading optimisation and digital marketing services.

Online Booking Systems For Garages

Let us be honest, there are a number of systems on the market that can take bookings for a garage. All of them do part of the job, but none do all of the tasks required to actually get your ramps full.
Many “booking systems” are glorified electronic diaries that allow you to manually add, delete and amend bookings, as an alternative to keeping a paper diary. Some allow the customer to book online directly to your diary if they can find your website.
My Digital Garage is different. It is designed to be a stand-alone website that attracts new customers to your business, as well as part of your current website for existing customers. It brings personalisation to the customer booking and makes the customer feel that they are getting a bespoke and tailored service to their needs, while all the time giving you control over your allocated working hours and dairy.

My Digital Garage – Personalised Customer Booking System

The key to getting new customers is simple. You need your website in front of them when they are searching the internet on their phone or computer.  When presented to them, your booking system should be simple and easy to understand with the minimum amount of steps in the process to book in their vehicle. My Digital Garage makes the whole process simple for your potential customers.  When the customer first lands on the booking system they can clearly see that the whole process is just 5 simple steps.
Step 1 – They enter their registration. After entering their registration they are shown an image of their vehicle and details such as the make, model, year of registration, engine capacity and fuel type. This immediately gives the customer reassurance that your garage can deal with any service required for their vehicle and that the service is bespoke to their needs. It also means that you, as the garage providing the services, get accurate information about the vehicle being booked in.
Step 2 – They enter their postcode. A list of recommended local garages is shown. If you are an independent garage with 1 location, this will be your garage. If you are a franchised dealership,  with numerous locations, the list can return all of your branches allowing the customer to choose the location most convenient for you. As a garage, this gives you the flexibility to list your locations where there is the most need for bookings. You can also specify which branch is shown depending on the service required. MOT’s to one centre, auto-tuning to a different location and servicing to another. As a one location independent garage, you can list your location under several headings. For example, when the customer is requesting their brakes are worked on your garage can be presented as “Smiths Brake Centre” for example. For annual servicing, “Smiths Servicing Centre” and “Smiths MOT Centre” for the annual MOT test. Giving customers reassurance they are booking in with the local experts.
Step 3 – Choose the service – the customer chooses the service required. This could be a “major service”, “interim service”, “brakes” or “MOT” – all bespoke to the services your garage offers, at each location. If the customer isn’t sure what they require, there is a convenient “help box” that informs the customer clearly what is, and what is not covered by their chosen service.  This section can also display prices or these can be left out. Before moving to the next step, a pop-up box appears showing the customer the additional services they may require whilst the vehicle is with you. Garages that have the “My Digital Garage” system have seen a significant number of additional services booked by the customer, at this stage, increasing the revenue per customer booking.
Step 4 – Choose a prefered date and time. This is where the “My Digital Garage” is very different. The customer chooses a preferred date and time for their booking. This gives them the reassurance that you are working around their requirements. This booked date and time does NOT populate your diary, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to work with the customers preferred time or contact the customer to alter the booking slightly to a time that better serves your manhours, ramp availability and existing bookings. Securing the customer booking and yet, filling the ramp at a time convenient to you.
Step 5 – Confirm the booking – People do not like to give out their details. That is why the last step in the booking process is to request their details. Only when the customer has been assured you know their vehicle, have a chosen an expert garage local to them and have specified a preferred date and time convenient to them, do we ask for their personal information.

My Digital Garage – Getting More Leads

An easy to use online booking system is only as good as the number of people who use it to book in with you. At “My Digital Garage” we are experts at driving leads into businesses. No other company in the UK can offer you both a simple, yet powerful booking system for your garage AND the leads to keep your garage busy, all included in the low monthly cost.
My Digital Garage is part of the “Digital NRG” group of businesses. Digital NRG is a Google Premier Partner and has been Google’s fastest growing agency for the last 2 years. This growth comes from delivering quality leads to businesses at a cost that ensures a fantastic return on investment.
If you have been in business a long time and have 100’s, if not 1000’s of satisfied customers who use you exclusively as their garage and give you repeat bookings – you may be surprised to learn just how many people are searching the internet for a local garage. People who do not have a regular garage that they use. As an example, according to Google, there are over 40,000 searches a MONTH in the UK for “Garage near me“. People actively looking for a local garage to make contact with.
Built into the costs of the My Digital Garage booking system are services to ensure that local people can find your website and booking system.
We utilise Google Adwords to get these internet searchers to your booking system. As we have been working with garages and franchise dealerships for nearly half a decade, we know the search terms that potential customers use when they are looking to book in for a service, MOT or repair. This means that we can deliver enough leads to keep your ramps full and your staff busy, all within the cost of the booking system.
Getting your new website found online for searches by local people is the secret to the success of the “MyDigital Garage”. Our UK based ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ (SEO) team will strategically apply our experience in SEO to ensure that your website is at the top of Google. Martyn Lenthall, the UK’s most widely accepted SEO expert for business websites, will oversee and direct the SEO Team to make sure your website ranks well in Google for search terms related to the garage industry.
Our monthly SEO services for garages include:
Two written blog posts – Google loves (and rewards with great rankings) websites that add fresh content. Adding keyword rich, relevant and high-quality content to your website allows you to get higher rankings and be found for more search terms (keywords). Driving local customers to your booking system.
Video – Google owns YouTube and a video on the platform with a link back to your website will be rewarded with better rankings. We create a video explaining your services which is then branded to your business and with your contact details.
Local directories – The key to ranking well for local searches is to add your contact details to high-authority business directories. At the start, we create 20 of these local listings. Each month we add 2 further directory listings to ensure that your profile on the internet for your business grows and your local authority climbs.
Bookmarking your website – Google has a number of websites that it trusts. Every time we add content to your site we also add a link on these trusted websites linking back to your content. This gradually and naturally increases Google’s confidence in your content and overall website platform. As Google’s confidence in your website increases, so do the rankings for local searches.
Lead tracking – our success is based on understanding what generates bookings for garages. We monitor the leads you get through the booking platform, email leads and telephone calls. We analyse how every booking found your website. The search terms they used, how many times they visited your website before booking and the actions they took before actually booking in. This allows us to better understand your local market. We use this information to build on the successes that generated a booking and to focus the marketing and advertising on generating even more. This is how to generate enough leads to keep your garage, service bays or MOT centre busy within the cost of the package.
Reporting – We are proud of the work we carry out for our customers and the results we achieve. We will send you detailed reports, on a monthly basis, outlining the exact work carried out on your website and the number of leads generated.
Security – Your website and online booking system will be hosted on secure hosting and your website will be issued with an SSL certificate. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private.
Repeat business – My Digital Garage is extremely cost-effective if the customer only books in for one job. However, the real success of the system is in the follow-up marketing we do on your behalf. Timely newsletters to customers to introduce other services throughout the year for air conditioning, batteries, winter checks etc. means more revenue per customers from repeat bookings. As the anniversary of their MOT or service approaches, we will send emails reminding the customer and directing them to use the online booking system. A helpful reminder service that generating repeat bookings for you and builds your local custom.

My Digital Garage – How It Works

My Digital Garage is a flexible platform that combines the feel of a local business website, personalised and branded to your business, with marketing that has been proven to generate visitors and leads to the website and an online booking system that is designed to get you bookings. It is highly customisable to allow you to promote the services that add the most revenue and profit to your bottom line.
The full “My Digital Garage” package includes:

  • A fully branded and personalised website
  • Website and booking system set-up
  • Monthly Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service
  • Google Adwords / online marketing
  • 500 number plate look-ups a month
  • Booking, email leads and telephone call monitoring and analysis
  • Secure website hosting with an SSL certificate
  • Customer reminder and repeat booking marketing

My Digital Garage – The All-in-One Online Booking System

This really is an “all done for you” lead and booking generating service. We generate the bookings and all you have to do is make contact with the customer to alter the time of the booking to better suit your business. You can be involved in the process or you can leave it all to us and simply concentrate on providing the services.
My Digital Garage connects local garages and franchised dealers with local customers who are actively searching online for a wide variety of vehicle-related services, in your area.
Whether it is a quote for a repair, enquiring about a service or booking an MOT – My Digital Garage makes it easy for potential customers to get in touch with you.
Combining a customer-friendly, easy to manage website with effective digital marketing services – My Digital Garage is the ultimate online booking system for garages to help drive more leads, bookings and revenue into your garage. It is ‘built for business’.

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