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Google Shopping: Performance Max Update

If you’ve only just got a grip on upgrading your manual Google Shopping campaigns to SMART Shopping campaigns then I’m afraid we have some news…

SMART Shopping is transitioning to Performance Max.

In this article, I will highlight the key changes that Performance Max brings over the previous SMART campaigns and how this will impact your Google Shopping strategy.

Okay, so what is Performance Max?

For many purchases, buyers may have over 500 digital touchpoints before they even make the final step. Google has therefore introduced Performance Max, which is better set up to compliment this.

This complex path-to-purchase journey means that the algorithm for smart shopping, launched in 2018, is already outdated. Performance Max accounts for this behavioural complexity by expanding your reach with new inventory and ad formats whilst still holding your business goals as the primary KPI.*

The graphics from Google below are a great way of illustrating the difference between the two types of campaigns. On the right you can see old-school PPC’ers setting up their channel-specific campaigns and fishing in their individual ponds whereas Performance Max unlocks the entire user journey by treating the KPI as the account business target; not campaign or channel-specific targets.

*Allegedly… Maintaining some scepticism on Google Ads algorithm updates is an approach we recommend before diving in. Hypothetically, I love the idea because ultimately, if we are hitting marketing KPIs, do we mind what techniques & applications we use to get there?

However, experience tells me this movement needs to be controlled before the level of potential wasted budget increases if the transition doesn’t pay off.

How should you approach this update?

From April onwards, you will have the option to upgrade your SMART Shopping campaign with just one click. We suggest that all advertisers take control of this opportunity instead of letting Google upgrade your campaign automatically. It will enable you to have better control over comparison date ranges & allow you to choose which assets you provide the algorithm to test.

Assets that you will need:

We’d love to hear how you get on with the upgrade. We will be hitting that switch & continuously testing, adapting & updating from April so we will follow up with a case study in not too long!

If you think you could benefit from a targeted Google Shopping strategy, get in touch with our Paid Media team and we’d be happy to talk you through this.


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