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Google shopping is the heart of eCommerce marketing and is the best way to accelerate your online presence.

These ads are usually shown as an image icon at the top of the results page and are best known for driving traffic and driving return when your data feed is optimised by the experts at Digital NRG to find your target customers who are most likely to convert. 

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Data Feed Creation or Integration

The Digital NRG team will help you integrate your data feed with Google Merchant Centre to then connect up to Google Ads. We will conduct market research to see who your competitors are and how they are approaching the PPC auction. We will ensure that your products appear competitive and enticing when next to your competitors to win you those all-important sales.

Data Feed Optimisation

Google uses your data feed to match your products with users’ searches. Our team will ensure that your data feed is optimised to relevant keywords so that you have got maximum and relevant visibility with the audience that matters.

Return on Investment

Provable return on investment is the number one objective for running Google Shopping & something we like to boast about. Digital NRG is known to triple the return on investment on Google Shopping accounts through advanced database segmentation & expert account management.


Integrated Business Strategy

Make Google Shopping part of your business strategy rather than a marketing channel. We can help you construct your campaign focus on stock levels, product margins, and offers to make sure that we’re seamlessly generating you and your business revenue to help growth.

eCommerce Tracking Configuration

Don’t leave anything to guess work with complete eCommerce tracking in Google Ads, as well as Analytics. Compare the performance of your Google Shopping across audiences, demographics and channels. Use attribution modeling to find where your Google Shopping is generating value across cross-device or multi-channel journeys.


On Call Account Management

Digital NRG doesn’t brand ourselves as your “Digital Partner” as a tagline, this is truly how we see ourselves and want to position our relationship. Your personal account manager will work together with your sales team to ensure we are driving sales that best compliment your complete business objectives.

Trained Professionals

As well as keeping Our Google Shopping Certification up to date, we regularly take part in team training sessions to make sure we are bringing nothing but the best to our clients.

Dynamic Remarketing

Digital remarketing is one of the most powerful tools in eCommerce & is integrated with part of what we offer to our Google Shopping campaign setup. Spike users’ interest in your products and any associated products they were looking at on your website, even after they have left your site.

Your customer’s journey doesn’t end when they leave your website; it ends when they convert. Users leave websites; not because they aren’t interested in the product but because they have been distracted because life is going on around them. Is your digital marketing strategy set up to compliment that? Our team can ensure it is.

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