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Meet The Team – Alex

Name: Alex Lee

Job Role: Senior SEO Executive

How long have you worked at DNRG and what attracted you to the role?

I’ve been here since the start! To date, I’ve now been here for over 6 years. From working at home to working with Martyn & Neil with our resident office dog, to moving to our first official DNRG office, it’s been a journey! After leaving University, I was trying to find a better use of my creative skills and marketing was a growing industry at the time. I was introduced to the Apprenticeship scheme and thought it was a great opportunity. It was after the first interview that I saw the sector was wide open for my input, giving me the ability to sculpt and shape my skills as well as the services that we offer. Digital marketing as a field is open enough that you can learn it from the ground up and progress your skills as you work your way up through the ranks.

What do you enjoy about working at DNRG?

DNRG breeds a family culture where everyone sticks with you through thick and thin. The team are a great bunch to work with and it’s a rare office dynamic to be true friends with everyone, not just colleagues.

What’s the most interesting project that you’re currently working on?

I am currently heading up the SEO campaigns of a few of our largest clients. We are working with a national kitchen company, providing them with CRO to improve their conversion journey. I am also working with The Golf Factory, a national leader in second-hand clubs, which is a great project at the moment as I have a keen interest in golf myself! I get to do my work whilst browsing new golf clubs, what could be better?

What’s the project you’re most proud of?

It’s hard to pin down but recently there have been some true gems that I am proud to put my name on. The Golf Factory’s results for their SEO campaign are pretty impressive, with a 3000%+ R.O.I that was good enough to be shortlisted for a UK Search Award. It’s one thing to be recognised by your peers, but it’s another to have your campaign recognised as one of the best SEO campaigns in the UK

Are there any developments in your field that you’re especially excited about?

It’s an interesting one. I am keen to see how the future of data and information is going to manifest itself when there seems to be a big push on protecting data. I do wonder about the services of Google, Facebook and other platforms that strongly depends on the use of consumer data in a world where users are fully aware of how their data is being used. Will we see a return to ads in phone books? Who knows!

What’s your favourite part about being back in the office?

Harkening back to my previous point, being back in the office with the team is great. It’s a different dynamic when we’re all at home. Whilst I do enjoy and appreciate the work/life balance, it’s a pleasure being back in with friends coming up with new and interesting ideas for our campaigns.

What do you like to do away from work?

I’m a keen golfer and cyclist and also a wannabe photographer! I photographed Joe Reid’s (our Accounts Services Directors) wedding recently which was a great laugh, an experience I won’t forget! I do a little bit for charity on the side too when I have the time. Last year I rode 500km and raised £660 for Maggies Centre, an amazing charity that provides walk-in centres for cancer patients across the UK. I have a charity duathlon coming up this March too so I better start training!

Who’s the funniest in the office?

I’m going to have to vote for Katy! She’s a comedic dark horse and can flatten you with a sneaky joke she’s brewed up (Sorry, not sorry Joe).

Do you have a pet?

Sadly not, but here’s a picture of my girlfriends’ cat Emrys. Ignore the cheesy grin and the shy cat, he was digging his claws into my back!


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