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Meet The Team – JC

Name: Jack Carey or JC

Job Title: SEO Manager

Hey JC, how long have you worked at DNRG and what attracted you to the role?

I’ve worked here for almost three years now. What initially attracted me to the role was the size of the team, and the opportunity to come and work alongside such a vast collection of digital experts. The short commute didn’t hurt either!

What do you enjoy about working at DNRG?

Being empowered as much as possible, it’s great to have the freedom to create our own approaches to problems. The core of passionate experts is also great, and the chance to develop those in the SEO team is, personally, a huge perk of the job. 

What’s the most interesting project that you’re currently working on?

I’m currently working on launching a large e-commerce brand in the Bathrooms niche, which involves lots of plate spinning but is already off to a fantastic start. Larger sites require a much more considered approach, you could work on them for years and still always have a long list of things to do! 

What’s the project you’re most proud of?

My work in the insurance sector has been a real eye-opener, the approach is different to almost anything else and success is tough but extremely valuable. Of the multiple clients I manage personally, we have seen outstanding results, and more importantly, this has led to some extremely pleased clients!

Are there any developments in your field you’re especially excited about?

I’m particularly interested in how AI and automation will factor into our roles over the coming years. We are already beyond the point where only the largest, most advanced companies can use such systems. Having the chance to develop new processes using tools such as Python script just proves that SEO is the most dynamic channel, and therefore, it’s those that can keep up the pace of change that will benefit the most!

What’s your favourite part about being back in the office?

Coffee club! A few of us take it in turns to get some top-notch cafetiere coffee in, helping us to power through those spreadsheet heavy days!

What do you like to do away from the work?

I love a meal out, if you ever need a recommendation then I’m your guy! 

Who’s the funniest in the office?

Joe, I need to limit my meetings with him or they quickly go off track! 

Do you have a pet?

No sorry! I want a Corgi but think I have lost that battle (for now).

If you could have 3 people at a dinner party who would you bring and why?

My girlfriend – Because she is an amazing cook and baker.

My mum and dad – (Surely they count as one, they come as a package deal!) They are both amazing parents and great company!

Thierry Henry – Because he’s the GOAT, no one did more in an Arsenal shirt than him. He also seems like the coolest guy on the planet!


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