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Call Tracking

Ever wondered where your phone calls are coming from?

Analyse your calls

When anyone calls your business, you want to know what caused that call.

Call tracking with our partners ResponseTap can give you this information and much more. When a customer calls your business, the call tracking platform can see exactly where that call came from. Whether it was triggered by a PPC campaign or social post on Facebook, this is all accounted for on the platform, so you can see the exact performance of your marketing campaigns and calls.

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Benefits of Call Tracking

Account for success

As a digital marketing agency, we like to show our customers how are work is performing for your business. Call tracking allows us to attribute calls to particular campaigns, sources and much more. This is a great thing for not only us, but also you, the customer, as you can see exactly what we are achieving for you.

Location based tracking

For businesses that have several offices throughout the country or within their region, call tracking is ideal. Individual numbers can be assigned to specific locations, so you can track exactly WHERE people are calling from. You can then see exactly which cities and towns are driving your calls.

Track calls back to keywords

You can see exactly what the customer searched for before they called you. This is perfectly helpful for both SEO and PPC campaigns, as these search terms can be analysed in order to work out which keywords are most effective in driving calls to your business. Campaigns can be improved and refined using this information.

Re-visit missed sales opportunities

If you were away when the person called, this is all recorded on the platform. You are able to easily call them back with contact details and clear timestamps. This is especially valuable if you are not always around to answer the phone!

Review detailed information about your calls

Call tracking allows you to listen back to all of your calls. If you forgot to note down a certain piece of information from a customer, or are unsure about details they provided you, you can easily listen back to your conversation about them. This is also ideal if you have a team of people on the phones at your business, as you can listen back to each and every one.

Improve marketing campaigns

If something isn’t working or a particular campaign appears to be performing better, we can look into this. Call tracking enables our team to review your calls directly and identify patterns and trends. Not only does this provide you with specific details for your calls, it also provides us with invaluable information enabling us to refine our digital marketing strategies for your business even more.

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