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Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is a great way to generate new business and expand your presence on social media.

Facebook’s ad diversity now allows you to create adverts with your business goals in mind. So you can reach new customers and drive more leads to your business.

With unparalleled control over the type of customers you can target (and when you target them), Facebook’s advertising platform gives you the opportunity to reach an active user base of around 39 million people in the UK (45% of which use the platform ‘several times a day’).

Why Facebook?

1.28 Billion
daily active users

1.94 Billion
monthly active users


The power of Facebook

Combining Facebook’s targeting and advert diversity, you can reach the users that matter the most to your business.

Whether you’re looking to generate new business, promote a product or service, or even reach people who have previously visited your website – Facebook’s advanced audience targeting can deliver your ads to relevant and engaging audiences.

Generate Leads

Facebook’s in-browser contact form allows you to easily generate leads from your Facebook adverts.

Customers complete the form without ever leaving the safety on Facebook. You can select the type of information you want to collect, and even customise how your form will look. 

This mobile friendly, easy-to-complete form is great for busy consumers and often shows better conversion rates than regular adverts!

Increase Sales

Drive more online sales by targeting engaged shoppers interested in your brand. Simply choose the products and services you wish to sell and we can help you find the right people for each product. 

Facebook’s smart targeting allows you to target users who have previously viewed products on your website – allowing you to reach potential customers you would have otherwise lost.

Grow your community

Growing your Facebook fan base can be a tough task. Between promotional events and creating quality content, attracting the right type of customer is a lot of work.

Now with Facebook post engagement, you can boost your posts to reach audiences who are most likely to engage with your content and like your page!

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