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Instagram Advertising

Reach new customers, drive brand awareness and inspire millions with Instagram ads.

With millions of active users scrolling Instagram feeds daily, get your business to stand out with a combination of photo, video and story ads to users interested in your brand.

Using Facebook’s demographic targeting to reach potential customers, Instagram gives you complete control over the gender, age, location and interests of the users you wish to target.

Reach people who

matter most to your business


Target people based on their geographic location. Show your ads in specific counties, regions, cities or countries.


Narrow your audience using basic information such as age and gender.

Interests & Behaviours

Reach users based on their interests on Instagram and by activities they do on Instagram and Facebook.

Custom Audiences

Run adverts to customers you already know using their email address and target users who have previously visited your website.

Video Ads

Take your creatives to the next level with fully immersive video. Engage users with a short, 60 second video – available in square or landscape format.

Carousel Ads

Showcase multiple products or ideas with a carousel ad. Users can swipe through multiple images or videos to explore your brand in greater depth.

Photo Ads

Share your story using engaging and beautiful creatives. Photos can be displayed in square or landscape formats and display on the Instagram feed.

Instagram Stories

Enhance your ad campaigns with the Instagram story creative and reach over 400 million accounts using stories on a daily basis.

Learn More About Instagram

Instagram harnesses the power of Facebook’s advertising tools to target and reach users most relevant to your business. If you haven’t advertising on Facebook or Instagram before, contact our social team for more information.