PPC Blog- What Can We Learn From The Rise Of The Sat-Nav?
Sat Nav for PPC

PPC Blog – ‘From A to B: What Can We Learn From Sat-Navs’

What can we learn from the rise of Sat Nav that can help to enhance your PPC Campaigns?

This might seem like a tenuous link, but there are important lessons to be learnt here.

Anyone that was born pre-2000s will no doubt have distinct memories of long car journeys spent trying to read directions that had been scrawled on paper notes stuck to the car dashboard, or having to pull over every five minutes to open up the OS map and work out which junction they’d missed this time. This was a primary cause of unrest between families and was probably a leading cause for break-ups back in the pre-GPS era

In the mid-90s however, we saw the introduction of the Sat-Nav, firstly built into more luxurious cars, and then available to all through devices such as TomToms. These revolutionised the car journey, allowing people to get from A to B without spending 50% of their time travelling in the wrong direction. Over time, as technology became more advanced, these sat-nav systems were slowly replaced by mobile apps like Google Maps and Waze. Children under the age of fifteen have probably never even seen a physical OS map!

Wait, what’s this got to do with PPC?

The Sat-Nav and the subsequent mobile GPS apps were great improvements for the everyday consumer, allowing us to streamline our journeys between A to B in a faster, more efficient and user-friendly way. These lessons should also apply to your PPC campaigns. Ease of direction and flow should be a key consideration when you are designing the customer journey that leads from the PPC Advertisement to the website, as this will help you to increase conversions. 

Let’s take a step back and think about your business and the different segments of customers that you might encounter. These could be customers from different locations, domestic vs commercial, new customers and returning customers, one-off sales vs contract sales…. the list goes on. We bet (and hope!) that how you begin the conversation with your customer depends on what you already know about them and the manner of their enquiry. For example, how you start up the conversation with a completely new visitor to your brand should be very different to how you might hold a conversation with a repeat customer.

This all applies to your PPC marketing campaigns. We can create standalone web pages that compliment your different audiences and customer types, ensuring that the RIGHT INFORMATION is being served to the RIGHT USERS at the RIGHT TIME on their path to purchase. By giving your visitors direct access to the information that they are actually looking for, your conversion rates are clearly going to improve as their user journey has been streamlined and is therefore free of any congestion.

Are you interested in hearing more?

If so, book time with our digital specialists today, and they can run you through everything you need to know, including CRO, unique PPC landing pages and how you can identify and influence the user journey. 

We’re also holding an event on Wednesday 8 December where our specialists will be delving deeper into PPC and how it can benefit your business. Sign up here.


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