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Pay Per Click Marketing on Google & Microsoft

Pay Per Click (PPC), has an instant impact and gives your business and brand a much larger exposure. You only pay when a user clicks on your ad, making it a cost effective marketing solution. PPC is fantastic for businesses looking to reach a targeted audience as quickly as possible. You have the power allowing you to choose exactly who to target, within a specific location and time of day. Digital NRG are 1 of only 11 EMEA Google Premier Partners, meaning your business is in safe hands.

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Paid Search

Paid search is essentially a shortcut to getting to the top of the search results. It is an opportunity to advertise within the sponsored listings of a search engine. Think about the Google search results as a football match. You and your website are the potential spectators; there are plenty of ways that you could spectate the match & get in to watch the game though PPC gives you the opportunity to pay the premium & get the front-row seats.

Paid Search Remarketing

Paid remarketing is a way to re-engage potential customers who have already demonstrated an interest in your company or your product/service. This service will allow you to remind these customers of your business and entice them further to make the purchase, giving them multiple opportunities to do so.

Microsoft Ads

Microsoft ads are a cost-effective solution for PPC with great conversion rates. Discover a whole new market with Microsoft Ads which focuses on the Bing search engine & partner sites. As the competition is lower, this platform offers a competitive cost per click for fantastic conversion rates. If you are in a saturated industry Microsoft Ads could be the service for you.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is a method of attracting an audience to a website or other digital medium to take a specific action. These display ads are usually made up of text-based, image, or video advertisements that encourage a user to click through to a landing page and take action.

Display Remarketing

Display ads are also perfect for remarketing campaigns. This is where ads are served to users who have already visited your website in the past. The aim of this service is to retarget users and encourage them to return to the website to take the same or an action at a different stage of the buying funnel.

Successful digital marketing no longer relies on a one-click conversion model. Users like to research products and look up reviews. Display remarketing means that you’re always there at each step of the user’s journey reinforcing your services and products, ultimately bringing them back to your site to convert.

Gmail Ads

Gmail adverts are interactive adverts that will show up in the promotions and social tabs of your potential client’s inbox. These adverts help you to connect with prospective clients in a more personal format. Email is very underrated and can be a brilliant channel to reach your target audience. Did you know that on average people spend 4 hours a day checking emails? Why not show your ad there too?

Google Shopping

Google Shopping truly is the heart of eCommerce marketing and is the best way to accelerate your online presence. These ads are usually shown as an image icon at the top of the results page and are best known for driving traffic and driving return when your data feed is optimised by the experts at DNRG to find those customers most likely to convert.

Launched in 2010, Google Shopping truly is the heart of eCommerce marketing. These ads appear in two places, on Google shopping and at the top of search results when a user searches for a product that has regular Google search. Google Shopping is the best way to accelerate your online presence.

Local Service Ads

Local Service Ads are the newest format of paid ads from Google, that sit above your PPC ads. That’s right; who could’ve thought you could get even higher? your target cost per enquiry that is profitable for your business in your target area & watch the phone calls roll in

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