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Resilience Resources from Digital NRG

These are uncertain times indeed and, unlike many previous devastating events and moments in history, we really are in it together this time. The time to support each other whilst staying safe is NOW.

We can not go about our lives as we did but there are creative alternative ways that keep you, your staff and your customers safe. Embracing technology whilst doing things in ways that are new to us all will ensure we reassure each other and allow some sense of normality to continue.

At Digital NRG, we are working hard to keep people safe and well informed. Like you, we feel somewhat helpless at times, but we must all bring our skills and products to the table and support one another. Share what we know and inspire one another to stay strong.

We must all work in the communities that we serve and offer what we can so that we truly are in it together and maintaining micro-economies will help our global economy survive this.

Here at Digital NRG, we know digital marketing and have put together this Resilience Resource Centre to help you.

We are not suggesting we are 100% right or know everything by any stretch. But we felt it was important to share what we think can support you along with valuable input from our tech partners like Facebook.

If there is one suggestion that you can take away from here, then we are delighted to have helped. For any additional information call one of the 57 strong team who are here for YOU.

We have been successfully home working for over a week now and productivity levels have soared. There are some heroic stories out there and we would love to hear yours, too. Get in touch, keep in contact and we are looking to expand the DNRG Pub which met virtually for the first time on Friday after work.

Keep safe and we hope you find this Resilience Resource Centre useful.


The entire Digital NRG team X

10 steps you can take today

Keep safe and stay informed

The HMRC website has all the latest information on how they are supporting UK businesses. Use credible websites for the latest news on the Covid-19 such as WHO and follow WHO on Facebook and Instagram.   

Stay in touch with your customers

Let them know how you are operating, if you are open, how you are taking precautions and how you can help. Use email campaigns, banners on your home pages, social media and the good old fashioned phone to update your clients.

Refresh yourself with what the government are offering

There are a number of very positive measures being offered for many and these can be viewed here on the HMRC website.


Write and publish some FAQs

FAQs that will help support your customers and new business enquiries. Make these frequently asked questions readily available on your website, on social media and share via mail shots. This will help reassure your customers and minimise the resources required to support your customers to give them the answers quickly.


Host an online event

To help communicate what you are doing as a business and how you may be operating, host an online event and personally share the messages. Your customers want to hear from you. Invite your customers to join you on an online conference call and explain what you are able to do to support them and answer any questions.

Be creative in your business offerings

These are uncertain times and it’s unlikely that many business owners will have a contingency plan for what is currently happening. We can only influence what we can control and taking your products and services to market in different ways can help. (view our resource guide on how to operate by industry by staying STRONG).

Look after your staff

You have built your business up to be a huge success and your team made this happen. The knowledge and skills held by one team member are invaluable. One day this will pass and your staff will be there for you, and how successfully we come out of this terrible situation will be down to how much of your business and team you can retain. This will then allow for successful rebuilding.

Look after your mental health

Keep strong communications with your colleagues and clients. Invest in conference call software or free applications like Skype. Daily calls, screen breaks, set up chat groups and even set up a virtual pub where you can all log on at the end of the day for a catch up and your favourite tipple or a cup of tea.

Write a resilience plan of action

First, identify how you can operate and within the constraints placed on us. How can we serve our clients and what can be achieved? Allocate your resources and team accordingly. Perhaps reassign jobs and tasks to other team members that are not able to complete their roles currently to support in other areas of the business.

Secondly, know your finances and plan for the next three months. What do the delays in paying your VAT and self assessment mean to you? How can the government support with wages assist you? Work your budgets for the best and most challenging of outcomes.

Third, commence projects that you have never been able to complete due to time constraints. Refurb that office, refresh the website, re-do the signage on your vans and write your strategy on how to support rapid accelerated growth when we come out of the situation we find ourselves currently in.

Help your local business community

Basic economics requires there to be supply and demand. If we all stop spending and investing it will inevitably slow the economy down. What we must NOT do is stop all spending in these situations. If the drain needs clearing we need to clear it, if the car needs a service we must enquire for collection and delivery services, or if we are clearing gardens then order the skip and replace the fence panels. These small investments keep businesses operating and ticking over.

Advice and suggestions on how to operate your business in the current situation

Select the industry that may best suit your business and read some of the suggestions and measures Digital NRG clients have made in light of the current situation. Being creative in how you can operate is key and using digital new age technologies will help everybody. Facebook, emails, Instagram and web pages were not freely available in the past and creative alternatives that offer reassurances will enable commerce to continue to a level.


Select your industry to see what others are doing:


  • Build micro e-commence websites to keep your business open online
  • Offer home deliveries
  • Email and FB campaigns to existing clients with offers and promotions
  • Visual tours and assurances of the cleanliness and social distancing being used


  • Clean vans, clean uniforms and smiley faces
  • PE clothing to reassure customers
  • Conduct work whilst the customers household takes a walk
  • Contact empty schools to see if they wish to bring forward planned summer maintenance work
  • Contact business owners with empty offices and discuss refurbishments

Home Improvement

  • Deliver when the household / family are indoors
  • Install when the household / family are out
  • Obey social distancing and sanitise after completing works


  • Home collection delivery MOT and clean car on drive
  • Arrange to deliver parts
  • Home tyre fitting service

Professional Services

  • Embrace Skype, face time & conference calls
  • Use email databases on Facebook/LinkedIn etc. to target your clients to drive renewals
  • Run Group conference calls

Transport & Aggregates

  • Deliver when family / household are indoors
  • Night Time deliveries
    Observe social distancing

Automotive Cars / Caravans

  • Home TEST drive – bring the car to you
  • Arrange to make 0% finance available
  • Email and FB campaigns to target customers with amazing offers
  • Home page banners to reassure

We would love to hear your suggestions.


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Digital NRG – Stay STRONG

We have all been told to be resilient, be strong and the storm shall pass. Easier said than done at times and the situation is very different for everybody. The most important thing is for us to all focus our energies on looking out for each other. Be kind and understanding of the situation whilst preserving partnerships and supporting one another.

We have created an acronym for staying strong.

We have asked some of our customers to complete this the same way as you would a SWOT or SCOT analysis. How can you help your community and how can they help you? Write a creative strategy on how you can operate in uncertain times. Reassure your customers, offer alternatives and use new age technologies to support you. Growth will return so focus on now and how to minimise risk and prepare to stay strong so we are ready to come out of this together.

Support communities

Time to be creative


Offer alternatives

New age technologies

Growth will return

What we are offering our clients to support you

  1. Free micro ecommerce websites for anybody needing to close a store and needs to stay open online.
  2. FREE support cleansing email databases and support setting up email campaigns.
  3. FREE set up Facebook remarketing advertising campaigns.
  4. Support with creating website home page banners to deliver important messages to your clients.
  5. £0 set up fees on Google Search, Google Shopping, Bing and Facebook campaigns.

Terms & Conditions

We of course have limited availability of developers but will endeavour to help as many existing clients as we can. We will restrict it to 20 products and you will need to supply the details for the payment gateway integration and cover costs for SSL and hosting.

Ecommerce sites are available to existing Digital NRG customers only.

Free set ups are available for DNRG clients.

Plans & toolkits to download

If you are unable to attend this Friday, please find some support for you to download and read at a time to suit you. Our friends at Facebook have kindly shared the two following resources for you to download.

  • SMB Resilience Toolkit
  • SMB Resilience Planning

For more information on How to Help Minimize Business Disruption During Emergencies please follow the link.

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Blogs and viewpoints

For more points of view and how to manage digital marketing strategies please visit this page for further information and resources.

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