The Changing Face of Customer Interaction
The Changing Face of Customer Interaction - Blog

The Changing Face of Customer Interaction

The way in which we interact with our customers is changing, are you keeping up?

As much as we hate to bang on about Covid, it has permanently changed the way businesses engage with their customers via the acceleration of digital transformation. With answers to some of life’s greatest (and most pointless) questions available at the touch of a screen or a quick ‘Hey Siri’, consumers are becoming more and more impatient with companies that are unable to respond to their queries immediately.

The Role of AI

This has led to the evolution of AI within communication, with many companies introducing chatbots that can be programmed to facilitate a conversation with varying levels of intelligence. This is a brilliant way to help customers with simple questions about your products and services with AI-assisted FAQs, however, 70% of consumers still prefer the company of good old humans when looking for help and support.

Why we certainly don’t doubt that the role of AI will continue to grow in terms of both intelligence and importance, there is still a pressing need for your customers to have access to a real, in the flesh, anthropoid when looking to engage with your business. 

Instant Communication

You may have noticed an increasing number of websites now have a widget (such as the one above) that pops up whenever you visit their website. This feature is quickly becoming an essential part of a multi-channel digital marketing strategy, giving your customer the ability to communicate at a time that is suitable for them.

Nielsen found that 67% of mobile messaging app users are expecting to use instant chat much more frequently when communicating with businesses over the next 2 years, whilst 53% of respondents said they were more likely to shop with a business when they were able to message them directly.

The communication channels themselves are also in a constant state of evolution. Text messaging has become a dying art, replaced by more responsive and functional apps such as Messenger and Whatsapp that focus on greater user experience. With 35.59 million Messenger users and 40.23 million WhatsApp users in the UK alone, it’s so important you reach your customers in a place that’s convenient for THEM. 

What’s the answer?

That’s where digital solutions such as DNRG’s Rapid Talk can overhaul your method of communication.

Rapid Talk offers a range of different options for potential and existing customers to get in touch. Asides from calling you, they can also send you an instant message, engage in a live chat, or, if nobody is available, you can also give them the option to request a callback at the earliest opportunity.

With Rapid Talk, you get a WhatsApp business number free of charge and can set call back hours that suit you, helping to ensure your customers are never left in the dark. It’s extremely easy to install and allows you to track results, integrating with analytics and providing a real-time custom dashboard that helps you to monitor your calls and improve your service.

If you think your website could benefit from Rapid Talk, please get in touch with the team and we’d be happy to give you a live demo.


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