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Teamwork, Togetherness & Training

Togetherness, Teamwork and Training

Over the past two weeks, the entire DNRG team returned to the office full-time for a fortnight of Teamwork, Togetherness and Training (TTT). 

The TTT programme was designed as a response to the high number of new faces, clients and standards that have been introduced to the agency over the past 6 months. During our time back in the office, we have focused on aligning ourselves as an agency, refocusing on our business objectives and most importantly developing our skills, both as individuals and as a team.

We’ve all benefited from agency-wide sessions on effective communication and phone calls, using the CRM to its full potential and important lessons that we’ve learnt from 2022. Furthermore our SEO, PPC, Web and Paid Social teams have had a number of sessions developed on upskilling and personal development as well as integrating our different services.

To top it off we mixed in a number of fun events, including pub quizzes, office meals, a scavenger hunt and a social to Locked In a Room and Lane 7 on Friday afternoon.

Here are the thoughts of some of our management team. 

‘The TTT fortnight has allowed us to realign across the agency on our overall business objectives for the coming year. We have learned together as a group and developed heavily as individuals. I have already seen an increase in communication to clients and how we present ourselves as DNRG. The challenge now is to continue this change in mindset and approach into December and the New Year. I look forward to seeing how this progresses. The attitude from EVERYONE at DNRG for the past two weeks has been immense and a true pleasure to be working with everyone.’ – Jack – COO

‘This fortnight has allowed the team to become more aligned with objectives and approach, on both an individual and department level. The joined-up thinking and collaboration has led to improved best practices, new processes and most importantly: confidence amongst the team to go away and learn, challenge and grow their specialism.’ – Joe- CGO

‘For me, I think everyone within the agency now has a much better understanding & awareness of not only their own personal objectives but our objectives as a company and what we’re aiming to achieve moving forward. The sessions throughout the 2 weeks have been amazing and it was great to see how engaged everyone was and the sharing of knowledge throughout the agency. The one-to-one sessions I have run have been very beneficial and the knowledge & confidence of department processes & platforms is already evident.’ – Rob- Head of Paid Social

‘Over the TTT fortnight, I’ve seen so much growth and development, from increased collaboration to agency-wide training which has encouraged people to get together and learn more about the other marketing channels and the shared objective of the Agency. It’s been a great reset and I feel that we have all come away motivated to go the extra mile and achieve excellence in everything we do’ – Kian – Head of SEO

Clearly, the past two weeks have been a great success for all involved, and it really has been great to have everyone under the same roof for an extended period of time. The challenge now is to keep up this fantastic pace and push on into the new year with a clear sense of what needs to be done across the agency to smash through our KPIs and deliver the best possible service for our clients!


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