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T-Shaped Marketing

We’re going T-Shaped!

Here at DNRG, we want to ensure that all of our colleagues are given the opportunity to become the best marketing professionals they can be.

As part of our plan to achieve this, we are collectively embarking on a journey to become T-Shaped Marketers. We’ve written this blog to explain a bit about how T-Shaped Marketing works and how this will be highly beneficial for you as our client.

What is T-Shaped Marketing?

If you’re unsure of what T-Shaped Marketing is, or how it works, then let us introduce you.

T-Shaped Marketing is a concept that focuses on ensuring each individual here at DNRG has a solid understanding of all the different aspects of marketing that are required to provide our clients with such an outstanding service.

 It is no longer enough for us to simply be experts in our chosen fields. For example, those in our SEO team should also have a good fundamental knowledge of PPC, Paid Social, and CRO, and vice-versa. The overarching philosophy of T-Shaped Marketing is to ensure everyone has a strong foundation amongst a wide range of topics, whilst still having one particular of specialism.

If you’d like to read more about the theory behind T-Shaped Marketing, then please follow this link.


What’s the point of T-Shaped Marketing?

Good question.

Looking forward, becoming T-Shaped Marketers will be highly beneficial for both our clients and our colleagues. It will help us to become more rounded and diverse marketers, and improve communication between the different internal teams. As our Paid Media Executive Ella has recently been investigating, viewing things from a narrow perspective can be detrimental. To ensure we’re developing an effective digital strategy, we must be taking a multi-channel perspective, identifying the relationships between the different channels and how one impacts the other.

This approach will therefore facilitate greater cross-functional teamwork, meaning for example that PPC can work more closely with SEO, and SEO can work together with Paid Social to improve our services and identify particular areas that work well together.

This will help us to improve our customer service, particularly during meetings with clients that use multiple products. By focusing on being T-Shaped Marketers, each specialist here at DNRG will have the breadth of knowledge to be able to answer a much wider range of questions you may have about your campaign. This will also lead to a greater value proposition for our clients, as we’ll be able to give you a more holistic marketing strategy that gives you a greater insight into how our different products can integrate to help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

We’re really looking forward to helping all of our teammates at DNRG develop their skills and abilities to become leading T-Shaped Marketers. This is a positive step forward, and we can’t wait for you, as our clients, to reap the benefits that will arise from this.

If you’d like to find out more then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.






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