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Why is SEO important for insurance brokers?

Why is SEO important for Insurance companies?

Why your broker should be implementing SEO

In recent years, the insurance landscape has massively shifted. Gone are the old ways where the focus is only on retention; now insurance businesses are having to actively win new customers.

Whilst marketing channels such as PPC and direct email marketing have been favourites of the insurance sector, Search Engine Optimisation has often been forgotten about. But now it’s more important than ever that you have an SEO marketing strategy in order to win new customers through organic means. So how have things changed, and what can SEO do for you?

The New Way of Doing Business

Certainly, for large and medium-sized insurance businesses, customer retention through remarketing was traditionally king. Around 90 days before a customer’s renewal date, the remarketing campaign would start. Mailers, emails and even phone calls would be sent out to customers to remind them to renew. And usually, to save themselves the hassle of finding a new provider, they would.

However, according to Deloitte, customers are becoming just as disruptive as new technological advancements. It means they’re less brand loyal and are more likely to shop around for a deal in order to save money. The rise in comparison websites has made it easier than ever to switch insurance providers.

Not only does that mean you’ll have to work harder at customer retention, but it also increases the possibility of you winning new customers from other insurance providers.

As well as consumers, a lot of new startups are on the lookout for the correct cover for their growing businesses. Whilst the business sector was previously full of companies that knew which insurance they required, there are now more opportunities than ever to win new B2B clients too.

If you want to win new customers, you have to make yourself visible. SEO can help you to increase search engine rankings for your website, allowing you to be seen first, ahead of direct rivals offering similar insurance products.

What SEO Can Do For You

There are plenty of things that a good insurance SEO strategy will involve, focusing on technical, on-site and off-site SEO. At DNRG, our team of SEO experts are ready to help your insurance business attract new customers and increase conversions.

Content Strategies

On-site SEO looks at your on-page content and metadata, making sure it’s optimised to the best of its potential. A good content strategy is at the heart of every good website to ensure your site has the right blend of informative and promotional content, and we can work with you to plan and implement it.

Keyword Niches

Considering that keywords are the terms potential customers will be searching for, it’s important that you target the right ones for your site. Whilst everyone will want to rank high for the big search terms, the biggest successes can actually be found in targeting niche and localised keywords that allow you to carve out your own space on the search engine results pages.

Example of a keyword research strategy for one of our insurance clients

Use of Schema

An under-utilised tool, schema helps to lay out your search engine results in a way that provides more information to users on the results page, and you can boost your rankings and click-through rates by including features like FAQ schema.

Technical Site Analysis

There are many factors that decide how search engines like Google rank a page, and how well your site runs and functions can impact where your site appears on the search results. This includes things like having your sitemap up to date and ensuring your page loads quickly. Technical SEO analysis will allow us to see how efficiently your site runs and what we can do to boost it in order to climb search engine rankings.

Example of a technical analysis report run by the SEO team at DNRG

Link Building

You can have the best website in the world, but sometimes the only way you’ll climb up the rankings is through other pages linking back to you, allowing Google to see you’re a trustworthy source. Through off-site link-building campaigns, we can improve the authority your website has.

Example of a link-building strategy in action

If you’re looking to increase the online presence of your insurance company please get in touch with us today let’s discuss your current marketing strategy!


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