Importance Of Web Development For Generating Leads
Why is Web Development Important for Generating Leads

Why is Web Development Important for Generating Leads?

Why is Web Development Important for Generating Leads? 

A strong website is the cornerstone of any business operating in the 21st century. Whether you do your work offline or are fully immersed in the digital world, the web is where you’ll find the vast majority of your new customers. So if you want to turn casual browsers into new leads, you’ll need a website that attracts them to make a purchase or give you a call.

It Impacts On User Experience

A bad-looking website can be immediately off-putting. Pixelated images, text that is difficult to read and brash contrasting colour schemes can all be unpleasant from a visual point of view. A bad design ultimately gives users a bad experience visiting your site, and it can also make them think that your business is untrustworthy, not up to date and even unprofessional.

But having a good website is so much more than aesthetics, it’s about function too. How easy a customer can navigate a site can have a big impact on generating results. Having a positive user experience (also known as UX) means that a customer is able to find the products or information they’re looking for, as well as the site being clutter-free and quick loading.

If a customer is having a bad time when visiting your site, then there’s a likelihood that they won’t contact you, won’t make a purchase and will go to a competitor’s easier-to-use site instead. Here’s an example of a recent website we built with fantastic design and UX.

It Can Affect Search Engine Results

Having a bad website can also affect search engine rankings, which can ultimately impact how many people find your website in the first place. When assessing how high to rank your website for certain search terms, search engines like Google will assess your site on many technical elements that make up a good-looking and well-functioning website.

Technical elements include things like page load speed, crawl depth (how easy pages are found by navigating through other pages) and 404 errors where pages can no longer be found. The more errors that are present, the less likely Google is to rank your page as one of the top results.

When search engines rank pages, you’re in direct competition with other sites, many of whom will be competitors in your sector. By having a website that isn’t up to scratch, it means your competitors could be jumping ahead of you by just having a well-functioning website.

It Impacts Your Whole Marketing Strategy

Your website is where conversions and transactions take place, so it’s where the final – and most important – stage of the customer journey takes place. Having a well-functioning and good-looking website can make this part of the process easy, as your SEO, PPC or Paid Social has already attracted them to your site.

However, if your website is difficult to navigate and hard to look at, a customer can easily be lost by them clicking off and visiting an easier-to-use site instead. It means that your marketing strategy would have to work overtime in order to generate the same number of conversions, meaning your cost per conversion would increase.

How DNRG Can Help

DNRG offers a comprehensive website-building service where we can build and launch a brand new website that meets your exact specifications and needs. So no matter whether you’re looking for a brochure website to promote your services, or an eCommerce site to sell your products, we can create it.

There are also hosting solutions available, and website retainers where our web developers will oversee your site’s upkeep and make sure it’s performing as it should.

We have a strong track record in delivering results with new websites, including a 201.7% increase in the conversion rate when we refreshed Multicare Mobility’s site. And to get a feel for what we can do for you visually, take a look at our website portfolio to see what sites we’ve created in the past.


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