A Quick Guide to GA4 | DNRG

A Quick Guide to GA4

In the past few weeks and months, you might have heard about something called GA4, as well as the end of traditional Google Analytics, also known as Universal Analytics or UA. So what does that mean for your business, and how does that relate to your campaign with DNRG?

DNRG and GA4

At DNRG, we acted early on GA4 tracking and integration, moving over to this form of analytics as early as June 2022, allowing for a full year of tracking data and exploring the new analytics environment. If you’re looking to have GA4 tracking set up for your website, our experts can set it up for you as part of any SEO, PPC or web project.

Key Differences Between UA and GA4

The Benefits of GA4

  • More control and flexibility of adding additional events with Google Tag Manager
  • More default and enhanced events such as file downloads and video views
  • Better product integration with other Google products, including Google Search Console
  • Customisable dashboards and more flexible data visualisations
  • Event-based data and engagement rate focuses on positivity and improving customer experience
  • Removal of data hit limits

Important Metrics in GA4


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