LinkedIn Sales Navigator Accelerator: All You Need to Know
All You Need To Know About LinkedIn Accelerator

LinkedIn Accelerator: All You Need to Know

Social media is a great way to find new leads and new customers, whether that’s through Facebook carousel ads or Instagram stories. But when it comes to finding new business on a B2B basis, there’s one standout social media platform that you can use: LinkedIn. When it comes to prospecting on LinkedIn, it can be difficult to find relevant quality leads without spending a lot of time sifting through prospects. There is however one marketing tool you can use to make things easier: LinkedIn Accelerator.

What is LinkedIn Accelerator?

The LinkedIn Accelerator is our programme through which you can organically accelerate your leads via LinkedIn Sales Navigator and other social media tools. Through an innovative approach, we can create bespoke audiences and campaigns that allow you to connect with users across LinkedIn through automated and personalised messaging. It greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to find relevant opportunities, and means that you’re more likely to receive responses and generate new leads.

LinkedIn Accelerator at DNRG

So how does LinkedIn Accelerator work? There are three stages to it: curating your target audience, building the campaign and seeing the results.

Curating Your Target Audience

One of the most important aspects to a successful LinkedIn Accelerator campaign is finding the correct audience for you and your business, ensuring you’re reaching the right people with your messaging. You can be as targeted and granular as you need, which helps prevent your outreach from being general and generic.

You can create a laser-focused and bespoke pool of LinkedIn users who are highly likely to be interested in the services you offer. You can create your list by filtering through a variety of parameters. They include functions like job title, industry, seniority, geo location, current company, previous companies and even specific keywords.

Building the Campaign

After you’ve curated your target audience list, the campaign can be set up to contact your prospects. You can automatically send up to 100 connection requests each week with a dynamic and personalised connection message to users in your chosen audience, which works out to 20 per day. Some campaigns will max out this limit, whilst others wouldn’t require as many to deliver the results you need.

When building your campaign, there are four main considerations to take into account. These are the number of requests per day, the day and time requests are sent, the messaging content, and the number of messages sent.

For each target, you’re able to send up to five automated messages in a sequence, but three or four is the optimum number to understand whether or not a lead is likely successful. The first message would be introductory, whilst the second would be a follow-up going into a bit more detail, and the third would be a further reminder.

The messages can be written as a template, and then customised by using specific fields to change aspects like names.

By using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and the LinkedIn Accelerator dashboard we can then track the progress of the messages sent out and whether they’ve received responses.

Seeing the Results

We can provide you with reports from your campaign through a report in Looker Studio (previously Google Data Studio), breaking the sequence down by the total number of messages sent, the number of connection requests accepted and the response level. We can also provide you with a detailed report of exactly who has accepted and/or responded to you throughout the campaign.

Why Should I Use the LinkedIn Accelerator?

There are many benefits to using our LinkedIn Accelerator. The biggest advantage is that we can efficiently deliver high-quality leads through our lead accelerator, which isn’t through paid advertising but simply accelerating organic networking activity.

At DNRG we have an effective track record in delivering results through this expert use of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, offering a comprehensive service by creating your target audience, writing and sending messages, and reporting on the results.

Digital Marketing at DNRG

The LinkedIn Accelerator is just one service we offer at DNRG. We cover a range of different digital marketing areas, including Paid Social, PPC and SEO. We also offer web hosting and design services, as well as email marketing and CRO.

For any of your digital marketing requirements, get in touch with DNRG today.


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