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Facebook Ad CampaignsWhat are the different types and which one is right for you?

One of the best ways to reach your target audience and accomplish marketing goals is through one of the several Facebook advertising campaigns available, but which one is right for your business?

Is your business a restaurant, boutique or day spa?

Local Awareness is a good option when you need to drive brand awareness, generate phone calls and/or foot traffic. This is ideal as depending on the call-to-action button you choose, users can call the business directly from their mobile phone or route a map from their current location to your business’s physical address.
Local Awareness campaigns work by linking to the business Facebook page and only appearing in the mobile News Feed. These typically have high impressions and low click through rates.

Do you need to generate traffic to your business’s website?

Website Clicks is the best option for you if your call to action buttons include Apply Now, Book Now, Contact Us, Learn More, Shop Now and Sign Up. Website clicks link to the business’s Facebook page and website and can appear on mobile and desktop News Feed as well as the right rail on desktop.

Click-through rates

Clicks on the internet

These campaigns typically have higher click-through rates and are ideally suited to businesses with multiple locations and longer buying cycles, such as schools, colleges, cosmetic surgeons etc.
Website Retargeting is perfect for any business that wants to reach Facebook users that have already visited their website, have shown interest in their product or service or users that are similar to current customers and website visitors.

Do you need to drive brand awareness and website traffic with previous site visitors or similar audiences?

By targeting the similar audiences, it allows your business to reach new prospects that have a higher chance of becoming actual customers. There are several call-to-action buttons options: Apply Now, Book Now, Contact Us, Learn More, Shop Now & Sign Up.
These campaigns typically have lower CPMs and higher clickthrough rates when lookalikes are enabled.
Lead Ads is the best Facebook advertising option if your campaign goal is to drive leads with form completion on Facebook, with several call-to-action buttons to choose from: Apply Now, Download, Get Quote, Learn More, Subscribe and Sign Up.
Forms are completed on directly on Facebook, without the need to log-in to a new window and the contact information auto-filled from the user’s profile, increasing the conversion rate.

Facebook advertising

Social Media

Lead Ads campaigns link to both the business Facebook page and website and can appear on mobile and desktop News Feed. They typically have higher CPMs and click-through rates, ideal for any business that wants to capture additional information from users that show interest.
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