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Eureka! The Ethos of Micro Moments & Their Effect on PPC & SEO

Micro Moments: The Decisive Stage Of The Buying Process

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“Eureka!” as Archimedes famously exclaimed, is the process of finding something. In order to find something, we undertake in several actions which are often known as micro moments. Understanding these moments is arguably key to winning your business. With the takeover of mobile searching and the forecasting of this overtaking desktop usage in the coming years; the buying process online has transformed forever. But what are micro moments? How does these micro moments affect potential business and the way that products are researched about and purchased online? This article will explain the ethos of micro moments and their effects on selling your products, why it is important to consider them in your strategy and their effects on Pay Per Click (PPC) & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). If you are looking for SEO services in the UK or are looking to find out more about PPC for your business in the UK then contact Digital NRG today by calling: 0333 7000 787.

What Exactly Are Micro Moments?

In the ever more distant days before the internet, every product was researched about either through television advertising, word of mouth or paper and radio advertising. With the introduction and implications of the internet; the way that we research, purchase and discover have been drastically transformed. At the touch of a button on a smartphone or tablet, consumers can discover everything they desire about research topics, products and sales. The buying process does not exclude physical research and shopping but it has been taken over hugely by the internet largely due to ease of use and access of information. Micro moments in principle are these decisive actions, the moment in which somebody decides to take action. It is the moment in which your client will have the highest amount of expectations and will be the most weary of services that are not up to date with current times. Smart technology has taught consumers to have extremely high standards of products and this high standard also extends to having access to information about their desired product. It is extremely important that 1: you are seen in these moments and are available to guide your customers and 2: be able to deliver and appear at a high level of search results when potential customers are searching for your product online.

PPC & High Conversion Micro Moments

This is evident first with a PPC campaign. PPC runs on a cost per click basis that is paid advertising. This advert that sits above the top of the organic (non paid) search results on google will ensure that if a customer has made their decision to purchase your product within their micro moment; your product will be available for them to see. This is extremely important due to the fact that somebody who has carried out vast amounts of research micro moments will be very likely to want to buy your product. Buying an automobile is one of the most notoriously long buying cycles in which customers will take months to research and decide on which vehicle suits their needs and requirements. The research process is potentially completely seperate to the purchase process, a customer may research using a new car dealership and decide they wish to buy an older model for example. Once the decision has been made to purchase a used model; the customer will now search for used dealerships and this is where your PPC advert would be seen by a customer who may be willing to buy. Micro moments are a very important aspect of PPC and an often lucratively high slice of the conversion pool. We cannot wave a wand and create conversions out of this alone however; good website layout is key and keep an eye on our blog for an article discussing the importance of this!

Organic Searches | Micro Moments in Regards To SEO

The paid search section of a google search result is a completely different flow of traffic in comparison to organic results. The main focus of SEO is to rank you at number 1 on as many high quality search terms as possible organically. Similarly to PPC; when a customer has researched a product extensively and is ready to buy a product, they will often search for the product on google in order to find a website to make a purchase from. If this is your website, then it is important that you have all of the information on your website that the customer needs as well as clearly being able to show the customer where your contact details are and how to make a purchase. If this information is clearly laid out and is easy to follow, you are massively increasing your chances to change this visit into a lead which in time can lead into a conversion.

Understand the Buying Cycle: Understand Your Business

Understand the buying cycle and you are sure to understand exactly how to appeal to your customers and how to provide what they need within their customer journey. It is vital to know exactly what your customers need and to be available to give them the product that they want when they need it. Implementing a PPC and/or SEO campaign is also very important when doing this online as new customers will most likely be having a micro moment and need help finding the product that they desire. This is vital and will start off your voyage into the wonderful and intricate world of digital marketing. If you are interested in starting SEO or PPC for your business in the UK be sure to contact us today by calling: 0333 7000 787. Alternatively please book a SEO consultation online now and suggest a date and time to suit you.


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