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Maximise your black friday marketing

How to Maximise Your Black Friday Marketing using SEO, PPC and Paid Social

The biggest marketing event before Christmas is right around the corner. Black Friday takes place on the fourth Friday of November every year, which is the day after Thanksgiving in the USA. When you’re a business, especially operating in the eCommerce field, it’s a great opportunity to generate sales before Christmas through great value discounts. However, with plenty of businesses thinking the same thing, attracting visitors to your site over your competitors can be difficult. So what strategies can you implement in your Black Friday marketing campaigns?

Black Friday and SEO


When thinking about SEO, one thing that can be quickly changed on a page is the metadata, namely the meta title and the meta description. They’re what a user sees on the search engine results pages, and can be easily changed to match seasonal offers and promotions, like Black Friday. Changing your metadata is a quick way of making users aware of whether you’re running Black Friday promotions and how much of a discount you’re offering.

On-Page Content

The best way to ensure you’ll appear in the search results when a user types in a Black Friday-related term is to have those keywords appear in your on-page content. You should pick roughly three keywords you want to – and realistically think you can – rank for in order to appear near the top of search engine results. General terms like “black friday” would be too broad and competitive for an SME to rank for that result organically, so you’re better off targeting specific products or locations, such as “black friday mens trainers” or “black friday bristol”.

Dedicated Landing Page

If you want to attract users to one specific area of your site, then it might be a good idea to create a dedicated landing page where all your Black Friday offers can be found. Not only can this massively improve your customer’s journey, leading to easy conversions, but it’s also a great place for your onsite content and metadata to live.

Black Friday and Paid Social

Dynamic Remarketing

With Paid Social, remarketing is a great way of attracting customers, as you’re targeting customers that have already visited your site, viewed a product or even added something to their basket but then left. By using dynamic ads you can promote these exact products to those customers on social media in order to attract them back to the site.

Boosting Organic Posts

If you’re already populating your page with organic posts, ones which could feature ‘deal of the day’ or ‘limited stock’ offers, then you can boost them when the time is right to reach a much wider audience than an organic reach would have.

Interest Targeting

You can target who views your ads by targeting specific interests within Facebook. So if people have shown a prior interest in Black Friday shopping, deals of the day and discounts & offers. It means you can target your ads towards people you can be sure are more likely to make a purchase.

Black Friday Paid Social Success Story

For one of our clients Appliance World Online, we were able to generate a return on ad spend of 20.91, earning the company over £3,100 in sales from 7 purchases.

Black Friday and PPC


When it comes to pay-per-click marketing, one thing you can do is take advantage of the promotions feature in the Google Merchant Centre, which allows you to add discounts to your Performance Max ads. It means users won’t have to visit your site to find out what discounts you’re offering on products they’re searching for. You should also look to update feed descriptions to include your Black Friday deals.

Updating Ad Headlines

For search campaigns, clients’ ad headlines should be updated for Black Friday so that users, when searching for relevant products or offers, can clearly see the Black Friday deals you have available.

Campaign Start Date

Relevant to SEO and Paid Social as well as PPC, you should consider exactly when you want to start your Black Friday campaign. If you start them earlier there tends to be less competition, and two weeks before Black Friday is when the best results can be seen.

Digital Marketing Campaigns with DNRG

Digital marketing is for life, not just for Black Friday. If you’re looking for excellent marketing campaigns and unique strategies that can give you results all throughout the year, then get in touch with DNRG.


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