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Ajmal Mohd

Mohd. Ajmal

Senior Paid Search Executive

About Me

Ajmal has 14+ years of experience in digital marketing with 10+ years core experience in Google Ads.

Having studied and graduated in Commerce, he has a passion for numbers, analytics and meeting KPIs. His paid media campaigns deliver some of the highest ROIs across the agency down to his keen eye for detail when it comes to data.

He has the experience to handle accounts for multiple industries at scale with proven results that drive up the return and revenues for his clients. Ajmal is regularly recognised by clients for his diligence in delivering impressive ROI and recognised by DNRG for providing the best of the best when it comes to client services.

Did you know…?

The digital world is his passion but outside his profession, he loves cricket & food. He also loves to watch, eat and read about the new dishes around the world.