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Sean Harris

Head of Digital

About Me

Meet Sean, our Head of Digital at DNRG, a digital marketing veteran with 15+ years of experience. Sean’s journey began in e-commerce, where he mastered every facet from customer calls to graphics design. He then led a Bristol & London corporate housing firm through rebranding, site builds, and global expansion.

Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, Sean founded and swiftly grew his e-commerce venture, which garnered industry attention and was eventually sold. As MD of another e-commerce company , Sean achieved remarkable 4x growth in three years, utilising his expertise in paid performance, SEO, and customer retention.

Now, leading our Digital team, Sean brings his unique client perspective, acquired through years of working with diverse agencies. At DNRG, Sean aims to shape the agency into the UK’s premier performance marketing force, capitalising on his extensive insights and expertise.

Did you know…?

Sean’s trailblazing career paves the way for DNRG’s continued excellence and innovation in the Paid Media domain.