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FastFix Drainage & Plumbing

FastFix is a Bristol-based company that offers a range of services including plumbing and domestic & commercial drainage. With over 30 years of experience, they are one of the leading industry figures in the South West.



FastFix Drainage & Plumbing first came on board in April 2022 for SEO alongside the launch of a new website (built by us). The old website was not in a good state and they were generating very low levels of organic traffic to the website. They weren’t ranking organically for any of their seed terms and their organic presence was non-existent.

Key challenges:

  • Managing the launch of their new website (for organic)
  • Competing in a competitive market organically with little historic value
  • Drive leads via organic search


When FastFix Drainage spoke to DNRG’s PPC team, they had previously run campaigns with another agency, yet had no reporting from them and were struggling to see the value of their investment within each location they serviced. When they came to us we knew we could help implement tracking for each of the locations and provide suitable reporting specific to the location.



Site Launch Optimisation 

One of the key things was getting the foundations in place, elements such as ensuring the site performance and core web vitals were optimised (which was a key opportunity for us as some of the main competitors for our seed keywords had slow, poorly performing websites) and things like H1s, metadata and keyword research/keyword mapping were complete.

With the new site being live, we made sure to retain and transfer any high-quality backlinks to the new site and take this opportunity to cull anything spammy that had come across in the migration.

Competing in the Market 

Once the site launch optimisations were done, we then progressed to utilise content, upgrading existing pages and identifying opportunities to create new content that would drive high-intent users through to the relevant pages. To support this even further, we utilised relevant schema across the site and improved the internal linking structure.

As our core focus was localised leads, we implemented effective local SEO strategies using the competitor analysis and SERP audit as a guide to spot the ‘quick win’ opportunities and fill the gaps currently being missed by competitors.

Lead Generation Optimisation 

Once we started to rank for our commercial keywords, we wanted to maximise the ROI for the organic traffic that was coming to the site so we used CRO to effectively collect essential data and insight into user behaviour which then enabled us to make informed decisions on changes to make to the page layout which led to an increase in conversions for both organic and paid traffic.



We Helped set up FastFix with Infinity Call tracking, allowing us to use specific Fixed Numbers for specific landing pages, We then used these specific numbers to report on each location individually.


Working closely with FastFix Drainage we implemented tracking for all forms across the site. We also implemented a granular account structure based on both location and service, this allowed us to create specifically targeted Ads towards each service whilst also using our fixed numbers within specific campaign extensions. Not only did this push conversion rates and therefore call volume, but it supported the client in ensuring the right calls were directed to the correct line.

Local Service Ads 

We also helped set up Local Service Ads split out by Individual locations allowing for greater control on spending for each location and ensuring that calls went to the correct fixed number.


“We have been working with DNRG for approaching 12 month and its safe to say we are happy customers. We have seen improvements in all the areas we have asked them to focus on which includes PPC and SEO. I have found their team to be dedicated and willing to go the extra mile to understand our needs as a business. I would happily recommend DNRG to anyone looking for digital marketing experts!David Findlay – Fast Fix Drainage

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Organic Conversions

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Cost per Conversion


Unfortunately, there was no data tracking in place when FastFix came to us, so we don’t yet have YoY data to reflect on but if we compare results from Feb 2023 to May 2022, we have seen:

Conversion rate has increased by 39.57% for organic

Organic Goals have increased by 33% on average


Since first onboarding with us, FastFix drainage has seen its conversions increase by 104% from 98 Conversions per Month to 193 Conversions per Month. Meanwhile, Cost Per Conversion in the same period decreased by 28% from £26.07 down to £18.77.

Our Google Search Ads have improved greatly, with a stronger focus on both location and service with CTR improving 103% from 5.20% up to 10.21%.

With a strong CTR, we know that we are serving Ads to the right users and that these Ads are matching the search intent. This provides FastFix Drainage with confidence that our current Ads are not only creatively relevant with their copy but also that we are bidding on the right keywords.

Following the success in the first two areas, we have also expanded the campaigns to a third location.

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