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What is Paid Social Advertising?

5 Great Paid Social Media Advertising Examples

What is Paid Social Advertising?

If you’ve ever spotted a promoted post on a social media site like Facebook or Instagram, then you’ve seen an example of paid social advertising. Paid social ads are a great way of getting a high number of clicks and impressions pointing towards your business’s website, no matter whether you’re selling a product or providing a service.

What Makes a Good Paid Social Media Advert?

There are many things that go into making a good social media advert, including content, images and audiences. Content should be clear, concise and speak directly to the audience you’re targeting. The copy should also be tailored to whether you’re prospecting or remarketing.

You should also know who you want to target, as vague catchall demographics would be costly and unproductive. Think of parameters such as age, gender and even geo-locations, which are especially useful if you’re a local business.

In terms of images, make sure they’re eye-catching or social media users might just scroll past them. Also, don’t clutter your imagery with too much text, and try to include your logo in there somewhere to build brand recognition.

It’s also wise to include a call to action such as ‘learn more’, ‘book now’ or ‘get quote’ to encourage a social media user to take that next step in their customer journey.

Here are five examples of effective paid social media ads that our Paid Media team think work well:

Adidas Carousel Ad

We like this carousel ad from Adidas because it includes multiple images to catch the eye and multiple headlines which encourage social media users to sign up .

There are also plenty of calls to actions (CTA) taking you straight to the Adidas app for you to download it. It’s taking full advantage of all the features a carousel advert includes

Nando’s Static Ad

This static advert from Nando’s is clear and concise, speaking directly to the customer and making good use of their word count. The image included is also bright and would be noticeable on any phone screen or desktop browser when scrolling through your newsfeed.

Also, the call to action button doesn’t just take you through to the Nando’s site, but it takes you straight through to the ordering page, allowing for a quicker and easier customer journey.

TUI Video Ad


This video ad makes great use of including TUI’s demographic – a family on a family holiday – in the media itself, and a video advert is a great way of including active movement in a post which is sure to attract a reader’s eye.

And as with previous examples, there’s a good use of a CTA, making it clear for the customer where they can click to make their bookings.

Druids Golf Instagram Stories Ad

This advert utilises the various placements across Meta, which owns both Facebook and Instagram. This ad uses dimensions that are suited to Instagram, making it feel right at home alongside other users’ stories when a potential customer is viewing their feed.

In addition to that, the ad itself uses a deadline, which leads to a fear of missing out (FOMO), and the sale presence is heavily visible with the discount percentage and the old price easily visible.

Oak Furniture Superstore Instant Experience Ad

The instant experience advert is a new format which utilises products and catalogues, allowing users to browse through various products all in the space of one ad. Oak Furniture Superstore has used this to good effect to showcase its range of dining furniture sets. 

Each image also takes you through to that product’s specific page, meaning the customer journey is made very easy if they want to look at – and buy – the exact product they see on the advert. 

Paid Social at DNRG

One of the questions most commonly asked is ‘How much do social media ads cost?’, but the real question you should be asking is ‘How much value can it bring to my business?’. We’re experts when it comes to creating paid social ads, and we have a great track record when it comes to delivering results.

For one client we were able to deliver 734 leads and purchases through Facebook in just 6 months, and for another, we managed to get their cost per lead (CPL) to just £6.05.

By applying what we know to your business, you can benefit from social adverts that not only look good but drive leads for your business, helping it to grow. We can guide you on where to advertise on social media and can work with you to create campaigns of any shape, size or length. Get in touch with us to discuss the options available to you.


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