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Code Software

Code Software is a global software company providing collaborative solutions for the telecoms sector. These solutions focus on innovative reporting, analytical, and management software to unlock efficiencies and extract business insights from Unified Communications and Collaboration platforms.


The challenge for DNRG was to facilitate more leads by improving the simplicity and clarity of navigation and the conveying of information on the site.

The client required a complete re-design of the site structure and individual page layouts. This would help to ensure that new and existing customers are able to find the information they want more easily, to bolster SEO rankings and ultimately generate more leads for the business.

Additionally, the client required an easy-to-use and editable CMS to allow them to add and edit new content smoothly and efficiently.


The site re-design had to include the majority of the content that was already present but deliver it in a more easily navigable way. To this end, the first port of call was to review the sitemap, especially within the context of site navigation, as the client’s previous site was more difficult to view pages for end users than needed to be. Updating, simplifying and re-designing the navigation menu was the key to providing a faster and easier route to enable content to be accessed more readily.

Page designs that presented content in stronger and cleaner layouts incorporating the client’s new branding were implemented across the site. The bold use of colour helped to shape the user journey by making information easier to view to enable faster and more meaningful site navigation and Call To Action points were targeted to display with greater emphasis to enable easy linking to product content.

News stories, newsletters and product articles were displayed within their own sections for easy accessibility and given advanced search capabilities and categorised filtering to enable viewing of specific blog content more easily. A full replacement and update of CMS access for the client made the addition and editing of these articles and all content easy and responsive.  

The net result of a combination of navigation redesign, layouts that accommodate a cleaner UI with a greater emphasis on CTAs, and an enhanced capability to view news and product information is a site that now delivers the end user the information they require via an experience that is far easier and much faster than previously.


“Thanks to DNRG, we are now in a fantastic position to just keep improving the business. The conversations we’re having with the team about pushing better ad performance, SEO rankings etc. wouldn’t have been possible without the website being where it is now, if only from our own confidence behind the site.”  Steve – Code Software

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Paul Sessions

Paul Sessions

Web Developer

With more than twenty years experience of working for a diverse range of clients and companies across print design, multimedia, and web development, Paul has delivered site builds and brand creation for a large number of organisations.

From local startups through to UK national and government agencies including the NHS, and international corporations in Europe and the USA, he supports each one with personal attention to detail from concept to completion and delivery.

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