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Enhance Insurance

Enhance Insurance are one of the leading providers of insurance within the Medical Aesthetics sector. Working with specialist insurance consultants, they offer a wide range of policies to protect healthcare businesses, whatever the size, needs or exposures.

Their customers range from self-employed beauticians to private healthcare practitioners.

Enhance Insurance 101% Increase In Goal Completion Rate


Enhance Insurance began working with Digital NRG in November 2021, looking for further advice and information on how to push their websites that extra step further and boost the conversion rate of their key service landing pages.

With a great organic campaign already running, when starting the CRO campaign we were faced with the challenge of understanding the existing customer base and how we can direct them further down the purchasing funnel towards converting with the services that will best meet their needs.

“It was important for us to re-evaluate the user journey, user experience and site functionality…realising that the website itself was the first thing to get right if we were to succeed,” said James Hill, Marketing Director, Jensten Group (Enhance Insurance is a sub-brand of Jensten.)


For this client, a key step was going back to basics. Understanding exactly how website visitors were using the key landing pages of the website and then adapting them to best suit what the customer was looking for.

From looking into the initial data, we generated the hypothesis that adding additional call-to-action buttons to the page that are worded to fit in with the target audience, would further address the high number of dead clicks present above the fold and direct users towards taking the initial step to contact the company about a policy.

To validate this hypothesis, we set up a test that measured how these changes would impact the user experience and further the overall conversions made on the page:

  • Experiment type: A/B Test,
  • Traffic Split: 50/50
  • Device: Desktop
  • Number of sessions included in the test: 61


The new variation outperformed the control variation in the following ways:

  • 133.38% expected improvement over the baseline control variation.
  • 18.69% expected median conversion rate, compared to the 8.02% control variation.
  • Recorded a 101.37% increase in goal completion rate on the tested landing page, comparing the period of the test running to the pre-test.
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