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Hydra International Ltd

Hydra International Ltd is a major chemical manufacturer and retailer that focuses on high-performance fuel additives, biological & aquatic treatments and products for cleaning and maintenance.

With 25 years of experience under their belt, they take an innovative and dynamic approach to solving their client’s problems.

Hydra International Organic Case Study


From the early stages of our SEO campaign, there was a clear focus on fuel additives as this is a highly profitable area of the business which was only driving a fraction of the total eCommerce revenue. There were good search volumes around the ‘fuel additives’ search terms making it a great opportunity for driving organic revenue.

Hydra were still doing the majority of their sales through Amazon and with this new investment in SEO they were aiming to increase the number of sales directly through the website.

One of the biggest challenges we faced was the need to migrate four separate websites into one. Hydra previously had 4 websites that reflected the four key areas of the business, Hydra International, Hydra Fuel, Hydra Aqua and Hydra Bio.

This meant that their domain authority and current keyword rankings were split between the four domains and a successful migration was key to ensuring we could retain the current organic performance. 


Following a successful multi-website migration and optimisation of all key categories and product landing page metas, page titles and content we shifted our focus to offsite SEO work.

This involved building a network of high quality referring domains to the fuel additive landing pages which helped to build the authority around the pages and strengthen the site’s overall offsite performance.

The combination of the above strategies enables us to make substantial improvements to our keyword rankings, which led to a sharp increase in revenue driven across all fuel additive products across the website.


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Increase in organic revenue

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Increase in revenue

for target additive product #1

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Increase in revenue

for target additive product #2

“The DNRG team has worked closely with us to understand our business and wide range of products, and this has been reflected within our keyword rankings and the growth of our organic and PPC revenue over the past year. Their communication is brilliant, and they are genuinely a lovely bunch to work with. ”

– Bev Handforth | Hydra International

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From dominating the home improvement search result page to his latest involvement with the b2b sector, he takes the everyday challenges of being an SEO specialist within his stride. Above all Kian is a people person who loves to interact with like-minded clients.

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