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NE Appliances

NE Appliances are the largest independent retailer of kitchen appliances in the South West, with over 40 years of appliance experience.

NE Appliances Organic Transactions Results


DNRG began working with NE appliances in August 2022.

NE Appliances had previously been working with another marketing agency, however, they approached us when they decided that they needed the services of an integrated agency that could manage their PPC, SEO and Paid Social channels under one roof.

The key challenges set by NE Appliances were to improve the profitability of their PPC and Paid Social campaigns, whilst also increasing their SEO visibility. This was particularly important, as they needed to improve both their local and national rankings to stay ahead of their competition.

At DNRG, we love a multi-channel marketing campaign, so we were excited to take on the project and bring together the different departments to help NE Appliances reach its ambitious goals.


Between our PPC, SEO and Paid Social departments, we first put together a plan to outline the budgets and forecasted results for 2022. This would help us to focus and understand exactly what we needed to achieve this month.

PPC Activity

Our PPC department focused on targeting users in specific UK locations, which would be most profitable from a delivery logistics perspective. The PPC strategy also involved identifying which of the manufacturer brands (e.g. Bosch & Neff) had the greatest profit margins and focusing on promoting these.

SEO Activity

SEO activity focused on the following actions:

– Overhauling all metadata for the category, sub-category and product pages

– Creating a content strategy that involved adding 400-600 words of SEO-optimised copy for categories and sub-categories

– Creating and optimising pages for a number of the major appliance brands, including Hisense, Amica, Candy and Ice King

– Assisting with the migration to a new website layout that included important changes to the URL structure as well as a secondary local domain acquired by NE Appliances.

– Designing a technical SEO roadmap to guide all future improvements to the website in 2023

Paid Social Activity

From a Paid Social perspective, the DNRG team have been running a mix of prospecting and retargeting campaigns to reach as many potential customers as possible. One area of key focus has been energy-saving appliances, which have seen particularly impressive results.

We’ve also been running Dynamic Remarketing ads, which allow us to target previous site visitors with the exact product they viewed or added to the cart, encouraging them to return and complete their purchase. We have also been testing the new Facebook feature, ‘Instant Experience’, which helps us to showcase various products and product ranges which are optimised for Mobile users.


 (Based on the period 1st August – 30th November 2022 vs 1st August – 30th November 2021)

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