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PPC Agency in Bristol

If you are looking for a quick way to increase leads and sales, PPC is the way forward.

PPC Platforms

There are many different PPC platforms, however, the most popular is Google Ads.

PPC, also known as Pay Per Click, has an instant impact and gives your brand a much larger exposure. You only pay when a user clicks on your ad, making it a lot more cost-effective than other advertising platforms. For businesses looking to reach a targeted audience as quickly as possible, pay per click marketing is ideal. You can choose exactly who to target, within a specific location and time of day. We also offer remarketing PPC campaigns, allowing you to target users who have shown a previous interest in your website before.

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Benefits of PPC with Us


Our highly experienced PPC team know exactly how to get potential customers to your website. Using our expertise and research tools, we identify the right keywords and strategy that needs to be put in place, in order to achieve the best results for the client. Every client has their own individual needs and goals, which is why we take a tailored approach to each and every campaign, to ensure those goals are met and even exceeded.


Daily Management

We manage our clients’ accounts on a daily basis and monitor bid prices and budgets, to ensure that we are maximising the budget to deliver an excellent return on investment. Our reporting system also allows clients to view the performance of their campaigns, so you know exactly how well your campaigns are doing.   



We take pride in our ability to produce outstanding results for clients, big or small.

Whether your budget is £1000 per month or £1M per month, our PPC services will deliver for your business. We will deliver leads and sales to generate a great return on investment. Digital NRG are the PPC agency you can count on.

Google Adwords

Designed to drive businesses leads instantly, Google ads is a great way of driving relevant & targeted traffic to websites. You only pay per click of an advert and can create segmented audiences with the ability to remarket to them. PPC is a great digital marketing strategy which achieves results the same day a campaign is set live! Simply decide on your budget and we will do the rest.



Google Shopping

Specially designed for e-commerce businesses that are selling products online, we can promote your products through a Google shopping campaign. Shopping ads offer a more visual impact to the consumer and provide more detailed information on the product itself, encouraging people to click on your ad and purchase your product. We can run an extensive and productive Google Shopping campaign for your business.

Bing Ads

Although Google attracts the most users, there are still a large percentage of users that use Bing as their go-to search engine. Bing Advertising, almost identical to Google Ads, will enable you to reach additional potential customers that many other businesses are not targeting.

Google Display Network

The GDN allows you to advertise your business on sites that are monetising their own sites using Google AdSense. Display ads enable you to advertise your business in front of targeted audiences. We offer individually tailored display market strategies to maximise brand exposure and conversions.  

Gmail Sponsored Ads

Email is a hugely underrated channel that can be used to reach your target audience. Gmail Ads offer a unique way of advertising in an audience member’s email inbox. People spend an average of 4 hours a day checking emails, so why not consider a Gmail Ads campaign with us?

YouTube Ads

YouTube is second largest internet search platform and offers various different advertising options. We can run targeted ads for your business on YouTube to increase exposure to the right people. Our video marketing services will help you achieve the competitive advantage you need to take over your competitors.

Review detailed information about your calls

Call tracking allows you to listen back to all of your calls. If you forgot to note down a certain piece of information from a customer, or are unsure about details they provided you, you can easily listen back to your conversation about them. This is also ideal if you have a team of people on the phones at your business, as you can listen back to each and every one.

Improve marketing campaigns

If something isn’t working or a particular campaign appears to be performing better, we can look into this. Call tracking enables our team to review your calls directly and identify patterns and trends. Not only does this provide you with specific details for your calls, it also provides us with invaluable information enabling us to refine our digital marketing strategies for your business even more.

If you are also looking for a way to improve your organic traffic check out our SEO Services in Bristol – Having a strategy in place that covers all channels is extremely important. 

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