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Diamond SEO Package

Our Diamond SEO package is designed for regional businesses that have a multitude of services or locations that they wish to be found for.

Companies with a large regional coverage or national coverage would require this package.

This package includes all elements of SEO included in the other packages and in addition:

Up to 10 Services

Unlimited Locations (UK)

6 Blogs a Month


Branded Self-Hosted Video Channel

Facebook Re-marketing

Telephone Call Tracking

The Diamond SEO package will allow us to target customers in a huge variety of locations and for a variety of different services that you offer. We also track your telephone calls and create Geographical phone numbers, allowing us to see where your leads are coming from. Within this package, Facebook re-marketing is used to give your business social exposure and allows us to target users who have shown a previous interest in your website.

This package encompasses everything that you need in order to achieve regional and national success in the organic search results. If you are a large business looking for more leads and sales in all areas across the UK, our Diamond Package is perfect for you.

For more information on our Diamond SEO Package, please speak with a local Account Manager or call 0333 700 0787

Be Found

Be Chosen


Why Do I Need SEO?

If your business isn’t ranking well in the search engines, then it’s more than likely that customers won’t find you. And if your website is not well optimised and authoritative in the eyes of the search engines, you will struggle to rank. This is where we come in – our SEO team have the right knowledge and experience to know exactly how to improve the perception of your website by search engines like Google, so that you’ll rank better in the long-term.

If you want to increase the amount of leads you get from your website and improve your general online presence, our SEO packages will do just that.

For more information on our Gold SEO Package, please speak with a local Account Manager or call 0333 700 0787.