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Gold SEO Package

Ideal for local businesses that want to promote and gain leads for up to 4 services in 1 location.

Up to 4 Services

1 City or 2 Towns

2 Blogs a Month

Technical Health Checks


Link Building


Social Posting


Gold Local SEO

Our Gold Local SEO package is perfect for small business that wish to target their local area or nearby towns and cities.

Our experienced SEO team will take your business and conduct a comprehensive audit, in order to create a strategy that is going to achieve you the best results possible. Your account will be taken on by one of our SEO account executives, that will run the day-to-day activities and work on your campaign. They will also have monthly contact with you.

You will need an up and running website if you are looking to purchase an SEO package. If your business doesn’t have a website or the current one is outdated, then don’t worry, we have a fully-fledged website team who can create you a brand new one for a competitive price.

Be Found

Be Chosen


Why Do I Need SEO?

If your business isn’t ranking well in the search engines, then it’s more than likely that customers won’t find you. And if your website is not well optimised and authoritative in the eyes of the search engines, you will struggle to rank. This is where we come in – our SEO team have the right knowledge and experience to know exactly how to improve the perception of your website by search engines like Google, so that you’ll rank better in the long-term.

If you want to increase the amount of leads you get from your website and improve your general online presence, our SEO packages will do just that.

For more information on our Gold SEO Package, please speak with a local Account Manager or call 0333 700 0787.

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