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Targeted, Specific Content

If you want to build a small site about a particular product or services a microsite can help you concentrate your SEO work.

Concentrated Content

Build Your First Microsite

Let’s take a Tree Felling Business as our example…

I’m a Tree Felling business…


Sell you service with great content and high quality images.


Service Page

Explain and detail your services with strategically placed CTAs to ensure a high conversion rate for enquiries.


Info Pages

Separate pages to show your knowledge.

  • “Why you need tree felling”
  • “What is tree felling?”
  • “What is the process?”
  • etc.


Contact Page

Simple contact form, phone and address.

Digital NRG's Microsites

A simple site, that converts

Microsites are a great opportunity to take what you have on your main website, concentrate it and extend on it to build an informative, authoritative smaller site that will help you appear in search results.

As our microsites are much lower in price than our LEADS websites, if you don’t want to upgrade your main site just yet you can always sign up to 1 or more microsites and really push all of your products or services.

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