SEO, Paid Social and PPC for Tesla Buying Business | Case Study

We Love Tesla

We Love Tesla are a Leicester-based business that buys used Teslas from customers across the UK for resale.

We Love Tesla Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy


When We Love Tesla came to us, they were dissatisfied with their previous agency, which had been achieving a Cost Per Conversion of £26.89 and a ranking position outside of the top 100. The team at DNRG were confident we could easily improve on this and dramatically improved ROI through a multi-channel approach. 


PPC Strategy

Our PPC strategy focused on rebuilding the campaigns to target high-performing keywords and working closely with our SEO team to ensure that landing pages were optimised for both SEO and for Google Ads. 

To improve tracking, we also implemented an offline conversion document to ensure that we could track conversions and ensure these were converting into strong leads. 

Key activity:

  • Focusing on users across Mainland UK
  • Overhauling the existing traffic campaign with greater granularity within the account
  • Improving conversion tracking using GCLID for offline conversions to ensure that all conversions were attributed correctly and were translating into converted leads 

Paid Social Strategy

Key activity:

  • Dividing new prospects into interest-based audiences, centred around Tesla and Electric Cars as well as a Facebook lookalike audience featuring people who share similar behaviours and interests to those who have interacted with the WLT website and their social media advertisements.
  • Retargeting people who have engaged with WLT’s social media ads and people who have visited the website but have not submitted a quote.
  • By splitting these groups into separate audiences we were able to use the results to understand which audience produces a cheaper cost per lead (CPL) and increase the portion of the budget focusing on this group to reduce the overall CPL.
  • We also produced a brand new set of creatives to advertise with, removing the least effective ads over time and focusing only on the best performing and then producing more ads based on a similar style.

SEO Strategy

We were tasked with a website that had never had particular SEO optimisations carried out and we had a fresh slate in terms of strategy and optimisation to rank nationally on Google for Tesla valuation and seller-related search terms.

The target KPI was set – to reach Page 1 on Google for the Value My Tesla & Sell My Tesla search terms by the first 6 months of the campaign.

The main metric in terms of conversions that we would be judged on in terms of campaign progress was quotes given by We Love Tesla’s free online Tesla valuation platform.

We chose the target keywords for these optimisations based on prediction – we looked at industry trends and trends in search metrics from the information we had from the Google AdWords keyword planner tool. This meant that we would be taking a risk in terms of going for these target keywords if we had not carried out this concise research.

Key Activity:

We put together a highly concise SEO strategy encompassing all of three pillars of SEO. From the initial technical optimisations, extremely targeted on-page optimisations, the creation of additional landing pages with user experience and search intent in mind and a solid link-building and content strategy – the stage was set for us to build the organic presence for We Love Tesla.

Ranking Progress:

From the off-set, we were facing extremely challenging competitors from major players in the automotive space. For the main target keywords, ‘Value My Tesla’ and ‘Sell My Tesla’, we were competing against well-known companies such as Carwow, Tesla, Motorway, Webuyanycar & Jardine Motors.


PPC Results (Nov ’22 vs onboarding)

  • 86% decrease in Cost Per Conversion (£26.89 down to £3.52)
  • 753% Increase in Average Monthly Conversions (15 Average Monthly Conversions Vs 128 Average Monthly Conversions)
  • 246% Increase in Conversions Rate (12.50% Conversion Rate Vs 55.82% Conversion Rate)

Paid Social Results

  • 680 leads since activation – 68 leads per month on average.
  • An average cost per lead of £6.98
  • Retargeting people who have engaged with WLT’s social media ads is the most cost effective and produces the best ROI.

SEO Results

  • Rank 1 for ‘Sell My Tesla’ and ‘Value my Tesla’ – Outranking Tesla itself
  • 138% Increase in YOY organic traffic
  • 420% Increase in Quotes (828 vs 159)

Client Testimonial

As a new brand entering a unique sector of the market with an innovative product, it was important for us to align ourselves with a company that also used creative thinking as an approach to marketing.  After several meetings with the team at DNRG, we quickly realised their solutions, ideas and work ethic would be a great benefit to our business and could easily be seen as an extension of our marketing department.  

Despite operating within a unique segment of the market, our competitors are Nationally recognised and well-established brands with significantly larger marketing budgets.  Being a purely online business with no physical presence, it was vitally important for us to establish a multi-platform digital marketing strategy to encompass Social Media, Paid Ads and SEO and blend these strategies together in order to maximise our Return on Investment, a crucial component to us as a start-up company.  

Since working with the team at DNRG we have achieved some amazing results and have quickly established ourselves as one of the leading companies within our unique sector, increasing our monthly website leads by 125% and establishing our website as R1 for many of the critical Google search terms.  

DNRG’s innovative approach and proven methods have reduced our monthly ad costs leading to a significant increase in website leads within the same operating budget.  We look forward to the next phase of growth with the whole team at DNRG and establishing our business as the leading website within our sector.Chris, We Love Tesla

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