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Read our case studies on how DigitalNRG helped customers build, grow and flourish by listening, understanding, engaging deploying strategy and benchmarking to achieve success.

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helping customers build, grow and flourish by listening, understanding, engaging, deploying strategies and benchmarking to achieve success.

Spectrum services appliances:

117% lift in Traffic Year On Year

We have been working with Digital NRG for a number of years now and we have found their SEO services to be the best solution for our business.
With BREXIT causing uncertainty in the market place, the DigitalNRG SEO team have still been able to increase my web traffic by 117% Year on Year which is remarkable.
We have seen the increase in traffic across all products but particularly we have noticed that it has been the Fridges and Freezers which have seen the best improvement in traffic.

London Hairdressing Academy

Cost per lead massively reduced

The advertising campaign has been very successful, we have seen organic traffic and leads more than double year on year. We now rank for many related keywords and also
feature within Google jobs listings. Our cost per lead from Google Ads has fallen from around £25 to £11 while the actual amount of leads has doubled. Display advertising costs have dropped from around £2.50 per click to now only £0.08 per click. Facebook advertising costs have also been greatly reduced with the cost per lead down from around £70 to £20.

Overall, our total cost per lead is down from £50 to £8 which is incredible.

Standawson Ltd

Print to Timber

Stan Dawson have successfully moved from a print based advertising basis to a purely online mix. All enquiries come via a selection on online products and enables products updates and changes to be advertised and showcased quickly. Unique audiences have been reached and the business is as busy as ever! Stan has an abundance of domestic and commercial garden lovers that frequently purchase reclaimed Railway Sleepers, general timber or telegraph poles for their projects

Capital UPVC Ltd

Higlight Sector

Digital NRG were employed to rebuild our old, out-dated website, and were tasked in marketing this digitally. Previously we had relied on directory advertising. However, we knew we need to modernise in order to grow.

We had met with numerous Digital Marketing Agencies but decided to work with Andrew Morgan, representing Digital NRG. Andrew brought professionalism to the meetings and impressed us with the ideas he had to drive our company forward.

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